ACT Clutch Kit Differences

Understanding your clutch disc.

Before we discuss the replacement ACT Clutch Kit, it’s important to understand exactly how the components work.  Firstly, the clutch disc is part of your vehicles manual transmission system. Its responsible for delivering power from your engine to the transmission.  A clutch disc is a steel plate covered in friction material and goes in-between your flywheel and the pressure plate.   In the center of your clutch disc is a hub that is splined to fit the transmission shaft.   When the clutch is engaged, the disc is pressed between the pressure plate and the flywheel.  Thereon, the power from the engine is transmitted through the hub and into your transmission.

Know the Signs

It’s important to know the signs of a failing clutch disc.  When your clutch is failing it will begin to slip against the flywheel. This will not allow your power to properly transfer from the engine to your transmission. A common sign that lets you know the life of your clutch disc is coming to an end would be if your transmission is not going into gear.  Wear to your clutch disc can be caused from overheating. Other signs your clutch may be on its way out could include grinding, or any change in your clutch pedal.  If your experiencing any of these issues it may be time to get it checked out.

ACT Performance Disc

Why ACT Clutch?

Advanced Clutch Technologies (ACT) has been around the automotive industry since 1994. They have a strong pride in customer satisfaction, in which they prove by backing their items with a limited 1-year warranty. Safety is of the upmost at importance at ACT. All their products undergo extensive product testing, and most are backed by the SFI Certification. There are several key features in why ACT is one of the leading brands for replacement clutch disc.

  • Spring retainers designed with wrap-around spring windows to provide additional support and reduce stress concentrations. This eliminates common causes of failure.
  • Spring windows on most street disc are heated to resist wear, increase strength and keep springs from “popping out”.
  • ACT carefully selects the right amount of cushioning between linings for a smooth, progressive engagement, without sacrificing performance.
  • Top grade rivets to fasten the disc assembly which maximize strength and fatigue resistance.
The ACT street disc is available for most popular applications. There are several types of street disc available by ACT. The features between these disc will vary.

The ACT Performance Disc is the most popular choice by enthusiast from the ACT catalog. It is recommended for both street and race applications. It uses a premium friction material and features the highest heat capacity, and higher burst strength. The ACT Rigid-Hub Disc is their more aggressive clutch disc. It provides race-proven performance with street manageability. This disc features the lowest inertia for faster shifting. You can expect quick, smooth and precise engagement. It also has ultra-high burst strength. The ACT Modified Disc is recommended for street use, with occasional racing. It features quicker engagement, quiet operation and improved friction material that allows for higher heat tolerance. The stock disc, as the name implies is a great disc for factory replacement. This clutch is only recommended for street use. Although its a stock disc, it offers smooth engagement, and has good burst and hub strength.

In conclusion, when choosing a replacement clutch disc its important to keep your vehicles power in mind. Getting a replacement clutch disc that can handle your torque is extremely important. Whether you decide to go with a replacement ACT Clutch or another manufacturer, it is always advised to reach out to a professional, to ensure you are getting the correct product.