AEM Intake Systems

AEM Intake Systems

Innovation is key when it comes to the aftermarket performance market. That is why one of the founders of AEM Intakes lives by the quote “If you cant make something better, why make it at all”.  AEM Intakes has pioneered many products that are now available in the aftermarket world.  They are responsible for creating one of the first hybrid induction systems, which is designed for vehicles with engine swaps. They also developed the first dual chamber intake kit which is designed to generate more power over a broad RPM range.

AEM Cold Air Intake

Cold Air Intakes

Cold Air Intake (CAI) systems relocate the systems filter outside of the engine compartment near the front fender to help provide cooler inlet air. The long, free-flowing intake pipe routes from the filter and offers an increase in the volume of airflow to your engine.  In result, your engine will gain more horsepower and torque.  AEM’s Cold Air Intakes are designed not only with power gains in mind, but as well as appearance.

AEM Short Ram Intake

Short Ram Intakes

Short Ram Intakes (SRI), place the air filter within the engine compartment, and feature a shorter tube length.  This is an economical alternative to a complete cold air system that still offers an increase in performance.  Short Ram Intakes are a great value and are fairly easy to install.  When shopping with AEM you will find their short ram intake often utilizes a heat shield to help protect the filter from high engine bay temperatures.  The CAD-designed intake tube helps provide smooth airflow, getting your engine the air it needs.

Brute Force Intakes

AEM has a line designed specifically for gas and diesel trucks, SUVs and late-model fuel-injected muscle cars.  These systems feature a powder-coated steel heat shield to help protect the filter from engine heat, and an intake tube designed to provide smooth flow of air.  The brute force intake also includes a large Dryflow air filter, which offers more surface area than the traditional stock filter. It utilizes deep, bull-nosed pleats engineered to improve dust capacity.

Brute Force HD Diesel Air Intakes

Brute Force HD intakes are the largest, and most rugged intakes that AEM manufactures.  These intakes are available for popular late model Duramax, Cummins, and Power Stroke diesel engines. The extra-large Dryflow air filter helps provide increased filtration and dust capacity. The free-flowing intake pipes provide an increase in airflow.

Dual Chamber Air Intake

This patented design from AEM is designed to increase horsepower and torque.  It features two different diameter and lengths of piping, which create multiple frequency sound waves.  This helps charge the cylinders with more air.

Dryflow Filter

No matter what system you decide to go with, they all come equipped with AEM’s signature Dryflow air filter. A key feature of the Dryflow air filter is that they are oil-free.  Unlike the oiled cotton-gauze filters, the Dryflow filter is also reusable, easy to clean, and wont muck up your mass airflow sensor.

Lastly, depending on what air filter system you decide to go with from AEM intakes, you will have the option of different finishes.  With colors like Red, Blue, Gunmetal Gray, Titanium Powder-Coat, and Polished your able to add some accent to your engine bay.