Invidia Performance

Invidia Performance has an outstanding reputation for manufacturing high quality exhaust systems.  Invidia’s performance exhaust systems are well known for their ease of fitment, increased performance, and competitive price points. Invidia mainly specializes in high performance exhaust systems for Japanese vehicles. However they do have a limited stock for the muscle community, as well as European. 

Invidia N1 Cat-Back Exhaust

Invidia N1

The Invidia N1 exhaust is a great balance of price and performance. Its constructed with high-quality 304 stainless steel, cnc-machined flanges, and features a polished finish.  This system has mandrel-bent piping which allows for maximum exhaust flow and reduced back pressure.  Its engineered to produce strong mid to top-end power gains.  You will also have an increase in horsepower and torque.

Invidia Q300

While still featuring 304 stainless steel, cnc-machined flanges and the polished finish the Invidia Q300 has a flat bottom shaped muffler. The flat bottom muffler allows for  improved high-speed aerodynamic performance, and ground clearance. The muffler inside also contains continuous piping design and use of Advantex material that results in increased free-flow exhaust with optimized back pressure.  This results in greater horsepower, increased torque and a rich deep sport sound. This cat-back system also has the option for either double wall polished stainless steel or titanium tips. 

While the N1 and the Q300 are Invidia’s more popular systems, they also have a G200 exhaust, full titanium exhaust, and the Gemini exhaust. Each cat-back exhaust system also features the option of polished, straight or titanium tips. No matter what system you decide to go with, you will not be let down. All of their exhaust systems are cost efficient, and manufactured with high quality components. Additionally, Invidia stands behind their product with a one-year warranty if you can provide proof of purchase from an authorized dealer.