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MagnaFlow is an iconic company in the automotive industry.  They have in business since 1981. MagnaFlow develops many products such as complete exhaust systems, catalytic converters, mufflers, and exhaust tips. Standing by this philosophy


MagnaFlow has a large commitment to quality.  All of their products are field-tested to meet the highest performance standards. All of their products are created by using the latest technology and from premium components. Every Magnaflow Exhaust system is made from 409 Stainless Steel. 409 Stainless steel fights corrosion and stands up for year after year of demanding driving.  They are an ISO-9001 certified company. More importantly, MagnaFlow backs their product with a lifetime warranty.


MangaFlow has a massive research & development environment. They utilize market-leading technology along with several in-ground dynamometers, multiple flow benches to develop new products.  Additionally, they have highly sensitive sound testing equipment.  All of these units help ensure every new part passes not only quality expectations, but performance standards as well.

MagnaFlow believes “if it doesn’t produce power, we don’t make it.”MagnaFlow Exhaust Systems can provide up to 10% more horsepower. This power is created with the help of true mandrel bent tubing. Mendrel bent tubing allows for superior exhaust flow. 

To learn more about mandrel bent tubing, and how power is gained from an exhaust system, check out this article about cat-back exhaust systems.


One of the most iconic exhaust tones in the automotive industry is MagnaFlow’s. Each muffler is designed with a high efficient straight-through design. This design features a stainless steel core, mesh wrap and acoustical fiber fill packed tightly.  This creates that deep legendary tone

MagnaFlow Cat-Back Exhaust System
MagnaFlow Cat-Back Exhaust System

Aside from quality, power, and sound – MagnaFlow is an extremely diverse company.  They have a large selection for multiple vehicles such as muscle cars, imports, trucks and even jeeps. MagnaFlow’s stainless steel exhaust systems are available in cat-back, axle-back, manifold-back, and crossmember-back configurations. Many of these systems are bolt-on, allowing for easy installation. Additionally, when browsing through their catalog, you will even find custom exhaust kits that will allow you to build your very own exhaust system to your vehicles specific needs.  

If quality, power, and sound is what you’re looking for in your new aftermarket exhaust system then MagnaFlow is what you need.