Turbosmart e-WG Wastegate

Nothing is more exciting then when a great company comes out with a new award-winning product! Turbosmart has released their much anticipated e-WG Eletronic wastegate.  This is a fully electronic actuatable external wastegate in 45mm and 60mm options. 

Turbosmart e-WG 45mm & 60mm
Turbosmart e-WG 45mm & 60mm


This isn’t the first time TURBOSMART pushed new boundaries for wastegates.  In 2016 they launched the Gen-V external wastegate range.  This model is well known for its design.  Designed as a modular concept for interchangeable parts through the line.  This gives the ability for actuators and bodies to be swapped around to make custom applications. This ensured Turbosmart had a product for every customer, no matter the size or control requirements.

Turbosmart e-WG

TURBOSMART e-WG Eletronic Wastegate
TURBOSMART e-WG Eletronic Wastegate.

Turbosmart’s e-WG45 and e-WG60 will give you the same flow & interchangeability of Turbosmart’s Gen-V range. Additionally, will gain the kind of control never seen before. The e-WG series is independent of any reference signals, without the need for compressed gas or boost hoses.  Additionally, you can fully adjust your tuning interface, with no need for changing springs. (*Boost Control is completely adjustable from your laptop*). Mechanically actuated wastegates are tried and tested over many years.  The Gen-V has proven itself throughout harsh environments and continues to set world records. The e-WG will provide the same performance  & reliability, but the addition of truly infinite control.


The e-WG works with the modular housings of the Gen-V products.  That means wherever your Turbosmart Gen-V products are fitted, the e-WG will bolt on as they use the same mounting & flange orientation. However the actuator housings of the new e-WG range are different, you’ll need to make sure there is enough room in your engine bay for the new design.


Turbosmart will provide fast & efficient boost control against up to 80psi driven pressure for the e-WG60.   The e-WG45 will provide boost control over 120psi driven pressure. Additionally, there is an onboard rotary encoder for feedback & provision for optional water-cooling.


Turbosmart e-WG wastegate
Turbosmart e-WG wastegate

A programmable ECU (Engine Control Unit) is needed to control a Turbosmart e-WG. Additionally, you will need a ‘high current’ 20 amp output, and a spare analogue input to make it work.  Most quality ECU’s will have the capability to drive the gate for accurate boost control. Its always advised to speak to a skilled mechanic or tuner to ensure you have everything it needs for proper operation.


If this product interests you, it will be readily available in early 2020. The parts can easily be found through their part numbers.

Turbosmart e-WG 45mm & 60mm
e-WG 45mm & 60mm

Turbosmart TS-0553-1502  – Gen-V eWG45 Hyper-Gate Electronic Black

Turbosmart TS-0555-1502  – Gen-V eWG60 Power-Gate60 Electronic Black