ID1050x Fuel Injectors

Injector Dynamics is a leading manufacturer for fuel injectors.  ID offers a large range of fuel injectors, like the ID1050X, to meet the requirements of each engine. The injector Dynamics 1000 marked the beginning of a new era in fuel injector performance.  Additionally the ID 1000 was the first product from ID offering a number of top-notch features.  

ID1050x Fuel Injectors
ID1050x Fuel Injectors


The ID1050x is the evolution of the ID1000, and the latest addition to the X-Series. Additionally it is the most recent offering from the partnership of Injector Dynamics and Bosch Motorsport. Compared to the original ID1000, the ID1050x offers numerous improvements.  These improvements include:

  • Corrosion resistant internals make it compatible with all known fuels, capable of extended service life with corrosive fuels.
  • Compact body allows fitment in 200+ applications, including current and future engines utilizing short body injectors.
  • Improved internal flow path increases output by 5% without sacrificing low flow performance.
  • Stronger magnetic circuit offers stable operation up to 10 bar.
  • Replaceable inlet filter extends service life.

The ID1050x offers an even greater range, requiring only 8 volts for consistent operation at 8 bar, with an extended range of 1940 cc/min at 10 bar. While voltage requirements and ultimate pressure capability may seem little more than bragging rights, these capabilities become critical when trying to hot start a heat soaked engine with a high pressure fuel system and a lightweight racing battery.

Like the ID1300x and ID1700x, the ID1050x is not a modified production component. It is a built to spec motorsport injector, offering optimization of critical operating parameters important to you, the motorsport tuner.

Basic Specifications:

Nominal Flow Rate – 1065cc/min @ 3.0 Bar (43.5 psi) Using Gasoline at 52 Degrees C (125 Degrees F)
Maximum Differential Fuel Pressure – 10.0 Bar (145.0 psi)
Fuel Compatibility – Compatible With All Known Fuels
Electrical Connector – USCAR

ID1050x Dynamic Flow Data

All ID injectors are matched based on 450 data points of dynamic flow data. This takes both injector dead time (known as offset) and flow rate (known as slope) into account. 

Flow Rate

To further explain, flow rate (slope) is the maximum amount of fuel that the injectors can provide in a given amount of time, at the given pressure. Injector Flow Rates are expressed in pounds per hour (lb/hr) or cubic centimeter per minute (cc/min). Given the same pressure 1 lb/hr = 10.5 cc/min.


Injector dead time (offset) the time required for the injectors to begin to open.  The injector dead time is varied by several characteristics including the actual injector itself. Additionally, fuel pressure and voltage will affect offset. Having accurate injector dead time settings is critical for a quality idle as well as maintaining air/fuel ratios when there are lots of accessory loads on the engine such as headlights, and heaters.

Below you can find the chart for the ID1050x.  The chart reflects the flow rating of the injectors based on fuel pressure and voltage. The fuel pressure and the voltage will affect the flow rate. This specific chart is measured in (cc/min).

Fuel Pressure





8 Volts10 Volts12 Volts14 Volts16 Volts

What size are my injectors?

Typically injectors come in several sizes; 34, 48 and 60mm. These measurements are taken from the top of the lower O-ring to the bottom of the upper O-ring. Most applications fall into one of four standard fitments consisting of two standard lengths, (48mm or 60mm) and 2 standard fuel rail bores (11mm, or 14mm). Several photos below give the relevant dimensions of these standard fitments.

Injector Dynamics Fuel Injector
Injector Dynamics Fuel Injector

Injector Dynamics Fuel Injector
Injector Dynamics Fuel Injector
Injector Dynamics Fuel Injector
Injector Dynamics Fuel Injector

In Conclusion: 

Overall If your looking for improved performance and increased horsepower upgrading to ID1050x Fuel Injectors are a great option.  When choosing fuel injectors be sure to keep in mind your horsepower goals, as well as