What do Motor Mounts Do?

Motor Mounts, also known as engine mounts, are designed to secure your vehicle’s engine and transmission to the sub frame.  Motor mounts are intended to absorb vibration and shock.  They ensure that you are unable to feel any movement of the motor.

Signs of Failing Motor Mounts

If you’re starting to feel a lot more vibration when your car is in drive and your stopped at a light, you might be in need of new motor mounts.  That is generally the first sign they are starting to wear out. 

If you have a feeling your engine mounts may be on the way out its best to have your mechanic take a look.  Several ways they might test will include giving your vehicle some gas while having the engine observed. If a mount is broken you will actually see the engine lift up and twist.  You can see an engine move as much as up to a foot with a broken mount.

Failing to fix your engine mounts when they begin to malfunction can cause additional damage to your vehicle. Excessive engine movement increases the risk of radiator or heater hose failure.  It can even cause the throttle linkage to bind or stick. Furthermore, a bad transmission mount can create driveline noise when starting out or accelerating.  It can even affect the operation of the clutch or gearshift linkage.


Motor mounts can deteriorate with age and mileage.  Its not unusual to experience broken or collapsed mounts in older high –mileage vehicles.  Additionally, another way your mounts can start to degrade is from excessive pressure.  Your OEM engine mounts are designed to work with your factory, unmodified engine. Furthermore, OEM mounts are not designed to handle a heavy pressure clutch.

If only one mount has failed, chances are your others are near the end of their service life.  Its highly recommended to replace as a complete set rather than individually.

Aftermarket Motor Mounts

Perrin Motor Mounts
Perrin Engine Mounts

Aftermarket Motor Mounts are designed for the more aggressive drivers, and professional racers.  Aftermarket mounts are designed to prevent lateral engine movement and excessive engine twisting.  This comes practically into play when a heavy pressure clutch is used in your manual vehicle.

The aftermarket motor mounts are designed for high performance vehicles.  Therefore, this means they are made to withstand hard acceleration, deceleration and cornering more effectively.  This will help you keep pushing that power to the ground. As a result, you can expect more accurate launches during drag racing, and auto cross.


MR Gasket Engine Mounts

Several brands of aftermarket motor mounts include HASPORT, Perrin Performance, MR Gasket, Energy Suspension, PROTHANE, and Torque Solutions.  Each manufacturer has the same goal in mind. However, they each feature minor differences. Be sure to look out for a future article where we will begin to break down the differences of these individual companies, and their benefits.

Lastly, if you have any questions feel free to reach out to one of our experienced representatives.