Perrin Performance

PERRIN Performance manufactures and supplies the some of the finest automotive products available in the market today. Perrin covers you from suspension to engine performance. Their full line of products hits every aspect of performance modification for your vehicle.

Early History

Perrin was previously known as Alta Sports. In 1996, the owner Adam Taft began Alta Sports out of his parent’s office.  By 1998, he relocated into his own retail space and became one of the premier Honda tuning and aftermarket specialist in the Portland area.

Jumping ahead to 2002, the market began to get flooded with Honda performance parts. That’s when they decided to tackle the Subaru market.  The Subaru market demanded a lot of attention, which caused them to drop all other markets.  Furthermore, in 2002 Jeff Perrin joined the team as an installer/tech. At this point several parts were beginning to be manufactured under the Perrin name.

By 2005 Perrin & Alta Sports were taking off! Parts were selling like crazy and it was time again for a space upgrade.  At this point they were able to re-enter some other models to their market line. They began to introduce parts for EVO’s & Scions through Perrin. A new larger home was finally found in 2007, which allowed for greater manufacturing to occur, as well as a show room. Furthermore, dyno testing & tuning was now available for customers at their new location.

Current Times

Their product line over the years continued to grow, and introduce more vehicles.  In 2017 they added in house CNC machining for many of their products. Additionally they added distribution centers for both the east & west coast.

Although Perrin still has a main focus on Subaru Aftermarket parts, you can still find other vehicles in their catalog.  You can still find components for Honda’s as well as Nissan GTR, and select Toyota’s.

Aside from vehicle availability, the diversity really lies in their product catalog.  You can expect to find anything your vehicle may need such as; exhaust systems, motor mounts, shift knobs, cold air intakes, blow off valves, fuel rails, headers, gauges, intercooler kits, pulleys, catch cans, turbo kits, and wheel spacers.


No matter what vehicle component you’re interested in you can expect a high quality part to arrive at your doorstep. Perrin uses only the finest materials when manufacturing products.  Mix that with their years of manufacturing expertise, you get a top-grade product for your vehicle. Not only should your products look great, you can expect them to perform great.  Perrin’s unmatched reliability and exceptional performance are the fundamental and overarching principles that take your vehicle to the next level.

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Exhaust Systems by Perrin
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