NRG Lug Nuts

A great way to upgrade your vehicles appearance is with aftermarket wheels.  Not only can aftermarket wheels upgrade your appearance, but also performance depending on what you choose. Something important to keep in mind when browsing aftermarket wheels, you have to make sure you have lug nuts that will fit properly.  Most OE lug nuts are not designed to work with aftermarket wheels. 

NRG Innovations

Founded in 2003, NRG Innovations quickly became a force to be reckoned with in the automotive industry.  They offer an extensive line of cutting edge parts and accessories, including lug nuts and wheel locks.

NRG Lug Nuts

nrg titanium lug nut
LN-T200MC-21 – NRG Titanium Lug Nuts

Lug nuts kits by NRG are crafted from premium-quality materials to the strictest standards. You will always receive a product with the highest level of quality. Many of their lug nuts are made from high quality T6061 aluminum alloy, or AI7075 aluminum alloy. These strong aluminum alloys help provide long lasting service life.  Additionally, their aluminum lug nuts are available in a variety of colors and finishes.  This allows you to really set off that appearance you’ve been aiming for!

nrg aluminum lug nut
LN-471BL ; NRG Aluminum Lug Nut

Not only does NRG manufacture aluminum lug nuts, but they offer steel lug nuts as well. Steel lug nuts tend to have higher torque specs vs. aluminum, and are known to be more durable. It’s important to keep in mind that steel lug nuts are heavier than aluminum. Although NRG offers a large variety of colors in steel lug nuts, some colors are limited to aluminum lug nuts.

NRG Steel Lug Nut
LN-LS700CG-21 ; NRG Steel Lug Nut

Types of Lug Nuts

When browsing through NRG lug nuts you will come across open or closed ended lug nuts. This refers to whether the stud can stick out of the lug nut when it is tightened down. Open-ended lug nuts can be used with extended lug studs, however extended lug studs are more prone to corrosion.

You will also find short or extended lug nuts.  Extended, as the name implies means they are longer.  They are usually paired up with extended wheel studs.  Theoretically, the advantage of extended lug nuts would be that there are more threads, meaning they can hold more force. 

NRG Wheel Locks

NRG Steel lug nut w/ lock key
LN-LS500BK-21 ; NRG Steel Lug Nut w/ Lock Key (Bullet Shape)

Think of a wheel lock as an insurance policy for your wheels and tires.  Wheels are an expensive upgrade to your vehicle, and unfortunately thieves know this. Wheels and tires are one of the most commonly stolen items from any vehicle.  Wheel locks make it difficult for theft to happen because they are extremely difficult to remove without the special key. They will prevent your vehicle from being an “easy target”, and deter thieves away from your investment! Wheel lock kits come with 4 special locking lug nuts. They have a specific pattern that allows them to only be removed with the key they come with. Its important to keep this key in a safe location, and do not misplace it.

Final Words

In conclusion, having proper fitting lug nuts for your vehicle is extremely important. NRG offers high quality lug nuts, making it a no brainer to go with their product. Their diverse catalog of colors, closed and open-ended lug nuts, and wheel locks make it certain you will find exactly what you’re looking for.