COBB Tuning


COBB Tuning is an automotive engineering company based out of Rockwall, TX. Founded in 199, they are dedicated to developing solutions that improve vehicles performance and driving experience. COBB makes this possible by taking the entire vehicle-platform into account as a complete system. 

COBB Tuning offers a variety of products to enhance your vehicles performance and driving experience. Some of those products include Intake systems, Motor Mounts, Fuel Injectors, Downpipes, Blow off Valves, Shift Knobs, Turbochargers and more! One of their more well known products would be their state-of-the-art Acessport ECU Programmer

COBB Accessport

The COBB Tuning Accessport is the worlds most flexible and easy to use ECU upgrade solution for your vehicle. It allows you to replace factory settings with more aggressive calibrations.  You will be able to adjust things like your ignition timing, boost curves, fueling curves, and more. Additionally, you will be able to monitor your settings through their large, full color screen with customizable multi-gauge display. The COBB Acessport will also allow you to view any codes your vehicle may be throwing. This is an extremely important feature so we can stay in the known with exactly what’s going on with our vehicle.

COBB Accessport V3 Code Display
COBB Accessport V3 Code Display

Now that we know what an Accessport can do, let’s talk about how it’s done. 

How it works:

Gauge displays on a COBB Accessport
Gauge displays on a COBB Accessport

Inside your vehicle there is a computer that controls all of your engines running parameters. It is constantly monitoring information from different sensors to make sure your engine is operating at peak performance. When you “Re-Flash” your vehicle, it refers to going into this computer and changing some of the parameters. This allows you to improve your engines performance, unlocking hidden power. 


What are Maps?

When adjusting the electronically controlled aspects of your engine its a process known as mapping. Mapping is achieved with a COBB Accessport by plugging it into your OBII Sensor. These maps are what relay the information back to your vehicles computer regarding the newly set parameters.

Dyno Comparison Chart
Dyno Comparison Chart

Every COBB v3 Accessport comes with the capability to store up to 100 Maps from their OTS (off the shelf) map database, or from your favorite COBB turner. This memory capability allows you the opportunity to switch between tunes to best suit your driving needs. 

Most enthusiast start off with a “Base Map” and move onto something more aggressive from there. “Base Maps” will save onto the ECU’s hard-drive and remain there until you choose to change, or remove them. You will not have to worry about loosing these style maps even if your system loses power. 

Another style of maps are called “Real-Time Maps”. This re-flash is not saved to your ECU’s hard drive but saved to your ECU’s RAM. This style of re-flash goes much quicker than a “base map” but is not as permanent. Due to this style map being saved only in the RAM, if you re-set your ECU or if your system loses power, your re-flash will be lost. This style map is best used when you won’t need it permanently. 

More questions about “Base Maps” and “Real-Time Maps” can be answered by a qualified COBB tuner. 

Staged Maps

As we mentioned earlier, COBB has pre made maps that re designed to go with parts you put on your car.  These maps are often referred to as “Stage 1”, Stage 2”, and “Stage 3”. Depending on what parts you have installed, you would install the corresponding stage. These maps are designed to unlock a definite difference in power. 

If you’re looking to get the most out of your vehicle and you’re interested in a staged map, you can purchase an entire package.  COBB has entire packages to complete your “stage”.  

Custom Maps

When installing an Accessport you are not stuck with just off the shelf maps, you can have custom maps as well.  Custom maps are built by your COBB certified tuners.  These tuners will customize a map for you based off of your parts installed, and the power you’re looking to make. Tuners will help you get the most out of your vehicles performance. They can also advise you what parts will be needed to help you reach your performance goals. 

In Conclusion

COBB V3 Accessport
COBB V3 Accessport

A COBB Accessport will help you gain all your hidden power. Allowing you to take control, and truly monitor your vehicle will enhance your driving experience, as well as performance. With all of its advanced capabilities, the COBB Accessport V3 is the last engine management solution you’ll ever need.