B&W Hitch

Who is B&W?

B&W has been producing high quality hitches for your trucks & SUVS for decades. They may not have invented the trailer hitch, but they made everyone else reinvent theirs.  With leading innovate technology, the benefits of their tow hitches are astonishing. They paved the way in breaking the mold of immovable, traditional hitches.

B&W offers several different types of tow hitches. Depending on how you intend to use your vehicle, and what you intend to tow, the hitch you may need will vary.  The 4 hitches they offer are the Turnoverball Gooseneck Hitch, Companion fifth wheel hitch, Tow & Stow Hitch, and the Heavy Duty Receiver Hitch.

Turnoverball Gooseneck Hitch

This hitch broke new grounds by making installation simple and affordable.  Additionally, it allows you to stull have full use of your truck bed when you’re not towing your trailer.   the perfect solution for truck owners who still want full use of their truck bed.  Their innovative design allows you to quickly and easily turn the Gooseneck ball over when not in use to obtain a flat surface in the floor of your truck bed.

Companion Fifth Wheel Hitches

The companion fifth wheel hitch uses the B&W turnoverball underbed mounting system (sold separately), giving you the option to switch between gooseneck and fifth wheel towing. Best part? No hitch rails required! Its fully articulating head allows front to back and side to side pivoting. Featuring 1inch thick jaws fitting the king pin perfectly, and polyurethane bushings between head and coupling base.  This eliminates sloppy start and stops and provides a quiet and rattle free ride. This hitch has three vertical adjustments ranging from 16.25″ – 18.25″, and 4” of front to back adjustment with three coupler positions. Lastly, they are designed to be easily removed, allowing you to still use your bed for hauling cargo!

Tow & Stow Hitch

The B&W Tow & Stow hitch ball mount is available in either a dual ball configuration or a tri-ball configuration. The class IV rating adjustable ball mount offer 10,00LB. GTW and 1,000 LB. VTW. This mount features a unique design, allowing you to adjust height, rotate ball size. You can adjust height from 7” of drop to 7 ½” of rise. It features three different receiver sizes (2 inch, 2.5 inch and 3 inch) that can be adjusted in one-inch increments to sit at the perfect height for whatever you are trying to tow. The ball and arm are able to be tucked under the truck so it is out of the way until it is needed. This design is available in black powder coat, or chrome and fits all standard 2” receiver hitches.

Heavy Duty Receiver Hitch

If you’re looking for a tow hitch that will handle just about anything you throw at it, then the B&W heavy duty receiver hitch is the one for you. This hitch features a  tow capacity of 16,000 pounds, and a tongue weight rating of 1,600 pounds. Therefor not only can you haul small loads, but bigger loads like a trailer and boats. This hitch is made with the highest quality steel, and grade 8 mounting hardware. This hitch will work with a standard 2” receiver tube.

In Conclusion

No matter what hitch you go with from B&W, it will surely be the last hitch you will ever need! Aside from their extremely innovate design practices covered above, they pride themselves on being an all-American brand.  Made in the USA, they use only premium materials in their production. This has earned them a reputation for superior quality and construction. It’s no wonder they’re America’s number one hitch manufacturer.