BD Diesel Intercooler

Who is BD Diesel?

Since 1989, BD Diesel has focused on diesel powertrain components. Over the decades they have engineered excellence through their innovative products and commitment to quality and performance. Their mission is to deliver value to every performance enthusiast. They carry products for many vehicle models such as Dodge, Ford, Mercedes, Jeep, and Chevy/GM. To learn more about BD Diesel, click here.

Purpose of an Intercooler

An intercooler is an intake air cooling device commonly found on turbocharged and supercharged engines.

1042530 -  BD Diesel Cummins Xtruded Charge-Air-Cooler (Intercooler/CAC) Dodge 2010-2012
1042530 – BD Diesel Cummins Xtruded Charge-Air-Cooler (Intercooler/CAC) Dodge 2010-2012

Air is compressed by your turbo/supercharging, causing it to get very hot, very quickly. As the temperature begins to climb, the oxygen content (density) drops. That’s where the intercooler plays its role. It cools the air compressed by the turbo/supercharger. By reducing the temperature of this air it provides a denser, more oxygen rich air to the engine.  As a result, you can will have improved combustion allowing more fuel to be burned. Furthermore, your vehicles reliability will be improved as it provides a more consistent temperature of intake air to the engine.  This allows the Air Fuel Ratio (AFR) of the engine to remain at a safe level. AFR can be monitored through gauges.

BD Diesel Intercoolers

BD’s free flowing Intercooler, also known as a Charge Air Cooler (CAC) is designed with streamlined external air passages improves engine cooling. Additionally, it offers less fan noise and less blade resistance, plus, improving engine power and efficiency of the radiator and air conditioning heat exchangers.

1042710 - PowerStroke BD Diesel Xtruded Charge Air Cooler (Intercooler/CAC) Ford 2003-2007
1042710 – PowerStroke BD Diesel Xtruded Charge Air Cooler (Intercooler/CAC) Ford 2003-2007

The Xtruded Charge Air Cooler is designed through testing at 130+ psi turbo boost pressure and 500-degree F turbo outlet temperatures. The extra thick cast end tanks with support struts have integrity and long life without ballooning and cracking. Xtruded core and cast end tanks withstand over 130psi of boost for your street or race truck. The tubes have a 0.025″ wall thickness and designed enhanced inner fins that add to performance and already strong support structure resulting in a 95% heat conductivity transfer. Lastly, the curved cross-sectional extruded tubes allow additional air flow to the radiator versus square bar and plate designs giving 57% more cooling surface, more power and better fuel economy.

  • More power and better fuel economy, lower EGT
  • 57% more cooling surface with 95% better heat dissipation
  • Withstand over 130 PSI of Boost
  • Larger passages provide more air-cooling flow for the engines radiator resulting in less fan clutch engagement
  • High flow cast end tanks with balloon proof support struts
  • The strongest most efficient cooler on the market

Install Time: Depending on your vehicle make & model, installation can range from 1 Hour to 4 Hours.

5.9L/6.7L Cummins Xtruded Charge Air Cooler (Intercooler/CAC) Dodge 2003-2009

In Conclusion

If you’re looking to upgrade your diesel-powered vehicles intercooler then BD Diesel has got you covered. Their years of experience will allow you to rest assured that your product will last you a long time. That along with their high-quality products, it’s easy to see why BD Diesel is such a big name in the diesel industry.