CSF – The Cooling Experts

Who is CSF?

2463 - CSF OEM Replacement Radiators
2463 – CSF OEM Replacement Radiators

CSF is a global leader in heat transfer manufacturing. Often calling themselves, The Cooling Experts, have been serving the US aftermarket for decades! When browsing their extensive catalog, you will find products such as Radiators, Condensers, Intercoolers, Inverter Coolers, Racing Radiators, Pressure Caps, and more! With over 35 million products sold, plenty of people are buzzing about CSF!

So, what’s all that buzz?

Family Values

In 1947, 3 brothers along-side their father started a small retail business of trading and selling automotive parts. Their business eventually grew into an automotive garage focusing on repairing radiators. Their rapidly growing business didn’t stop there, the family continued to move forward and eventually opened up their own privately held radiator-manufacturing facility. By 1975, the CSF brand was established, and still family owned.

In 2009 the 4th generation of the CSF family has joined the business. By this time, they have established a cooling industry reputation as a leader of import and popular domestic radiators and condensers.

Extensive Product Line

CSF 8154 - Heat Exchanger for 2020 Toyota Supra
8154 – CSF Heat Exchanger for 2020 Toyota Supra

Early on, CSF was the first company to introduce import applications into the automotive aftermarket world as vehicles imported by Honda, Datsun, and Toyota started to show up in domestic showrooms and on American roads. To date, they’ve added a line of cooling systems that included commercial trucks, industrial, agricultural applications, motorsports and marine.

8044 - CSF 1.4 Bar Radiator Cap by CSF
8044 – 1.4 Bar Radiator Cap by CSF

CSF also has an innovative and industry changing Racing and High-Performance Division. This line finally gave race car teams, drivers, and performance enthusiast a product that will perform just has hard as they do. This line is well known for its value, durability, and its premium quality.

Quality & Innovation

CSF is the premiere choice of champions in many different segments of motorsports around the globe due to their commitment to quality, R&D, and innovation.


The first quality that makes them a premier choice is you’re dealing directly with the manufacturer. You are not dealing with a broker or an importer. With that being said, you can rest assured that your product has been manufactured up to ISO certifications. Whether you purchase an OE product, or from their high-performance line, the commitment to quality and standards remains the same. For example, every single radiator is subject to rigorous testing procedures. Those procedures include; Hydrostatic Testing, Vacuum decaying, and life cycle testing.


8032 - CSF Dual-Pass Race-Spec Oil Cooler
8032 – CSF Dual-Pass Race-Spec Oil Cooler

As previously stated, CSF prides itself on its high level of commitment to R&D. This allows them to produce many innovations in heat transfer technology. They only use the most advanced technology, and machines when developing and manufacturing the world’s best cooling systems. Their experienced personnel combined with their cutting-edge capabilities allow CSF to produce the strongest and most complicated components with ease. It’s easy to see how they leads the industry in multi-fit models, which provides customers with additional application coverage.

In Conclusion

If you like to support companies with strong family values than CSF is exactly that. Standing by their family values they offer an unparalleled commitment to supply the highest quality cooling systems to the market.  They are sure to continuously provide the same exceptional value as and service to its customers as generations before.

Lastly, be sure to keep an eye out for future articles where we will cover different products available by CSF in more depth.