CSF Intercooler Core

Who is CSF?

CSF The Cooling Experts
CSF The Cooling Experts

CSF is a global leader in heat transfer manufacturing. Often calling themselves, The Cooling Experts, have been serving the US aftermarket for decades! To learn more about CSF as a company, click here.

As we continue on in this article, we will cover their Intercooler cores.

What’s the purpose of an Intercooler?

First and foremost, it’s important to understand the function of an intercooler. An intercooler is an intake air cooling device commonly found on turbocharged and supercharged engines. Air is compressed by your turbo/supercharging, causing it to get very hot, very quickly. As the temperature begins to climb, the oxygen content (density) drops. That’s where the intercooler plays its role. It cools the air compressed by the turbo/supercharger. By reducing the temperature of this air it provides a denser, more oxygen rich air to the engine.  As a result, you can will have improved combustion allowing more fuel to be burned. Furthermore, your vehicles reliability will be improved as it provides a more consistent temperature of intake air to the engine.  This allows the Air Fuel Ratio (AFR) of the engine to remain at a safe level. AFR can be monitored through gauges.

Why CSF Intercooler Cores?

CSF’s intercooler line is the industry’s 1st complete full-line of intercoolers ever offered to the automotive aftermarket. With that being said they over a wise range covering many vehicle tupes, as well as different types of construction styles. Ranging from plastic/aluminum, to all aluminum, with standard tube&fin cores as well as heavy duty bar&plate cores. This allows them to suit the needs of customers all across the globe.

CSF’s offers intercooler cores in many different sizes, as well as custom sizing, specifications, and complete intercoolers through their OEM & Custom manufacturing program. Every single intercooler is built to OE specifications, and incorporates the same high quality & value that CSF is so well known for.



The Magnum Cooler Series is available in Vertical-flow and Cross-flow. This is the worlds thickest intercooler, measuring at 6 inches wide, and 1400HP+ Capable.

#Magnumcooler Series Specs
  • Heavy-Duty Bar & Plate Intercooler Cores
  • Pressure Tested at 120psi for Maximum Reliability in Extreme Boost Applications
  • Hand-Built Using Jigs & Fixtures for a Perfectly Straight Core for Easy Welding
  • Manufactured by Hand in a Clean Room Using Gloves Inside the CSF Cooling Factory to Ensure Proper Brazing and a Clean Surface for Future Welding
  • Multi-Louvered High Precision Staggered Fin Design (for Both Ambient and Pressure Sides of the Core)
  • Batch Brazed in CSF’s State-of-the-Art Digital Vacuum Brazing Oven (12 Ovens in Total)
  • Strict Quality Control and Quality Testing, Including Individual Pressure Testing

Liquid-To-Air-Intercooler Core

CSF Liquid to Air Intercooler Core
CSF Liquid to Air Intercooler Core

CSF is extremely innovative and recognized the desire enthusiast have to go faster.The new trend in high performance is big boost, and CSF came up with the perfect solution.  With many vehicles pushing over 1000HP, and even 2000HP, you need an intercooler core that can keep up. That’s when they developed its 1st 3 sizes of new, ultimate boost, high-efficient, liquid to air intercooler cores.

CSF not only came up with this trio of core sizes but also brought two new sizes that were previously never made for mass availability. A new 12x6x6 1500 HP intercooler core as well as the MEGA 12x12x6 2000HP size).

Lastly, what’s even better than CSF bringing these new cores to the market, is their ability to do so at a much better value than what is currently being offered in the USA market.

Final Words

In conclusion, if you’re looking for an intercooler core to help you break into new bounds, CSF has got you covered. Their innovation, paired with their high quality, and value it’s a no brainer why CSF is a leading manufacturer in cooling systems.