BD Diesel Throttle Sensitivity Booster

Who is BD Diesel?

Since 1989, BD Diesel has focused on diesel powertrain components. Over the decades they have engineered excellence through their innovative products and commitment to quality and performance. Their company mission is to deliver value to every performance enthusiast. With products available for many vehicle models such as Dodge, Ford, Mercedes, Jeep, and Chevy/GM.

In this article we will cover their Throttle Sensitivity Booster.

What does a Throttle Sensitivity Booster do?

1057932 - All New TSBooster V3.0 by BD Diesel
1057932 – All New TSBooster V3.0 by BD Diesel

As the name implies, a Throttle Booster adjust the vehicle’s throttle sensitivity. This helps reduce the dead pedal feeling while accelerating.

Should you install a TSB?

BD Diesel Throttle Sensitivity Booster

BD Diesel’s all new V.30 Throttle Sensitivity Booster (TSB) is a simple plug and play device that achieves quicker engine response and acceleration. The TS Booster amplifies the signal between the throttle pedal and ECM to give a quicker reaction time and forces your performance curve to occur sooner. As a result, you will achieve quicker engine response, and that “thrown back in your seat” feeling.

BD Diesel TS Booster Mode Performance
BD Diesel TS Booster Mode Performance

Installation of BD Diesel’s TSB is painless. Most installations taking approximately 30 minutes with their simple plug and play design. Once installed, you will have six accerlation levels, and a security mode. There is no need to program, as the advanced A.I will do all the work for you. This sophisticated system will learn the appropriate settings for your particular application from your throttle inputs.

Lastly, a TS Booster will not affect your warranty or tamper with emissions!

  • Gas, Diesel & Electric
  • Quicker engine response & acceleration
  • Reduce Pedal Lag
  • Multiple sensitivity settings: Eco, Street, Sport, Race and Ludicrous
  • Valet and security modes
  • Doesn’t affect warranty
  • No emission tampering
  • Easy to install with factory connections


The V.30 TS Booster is currently available for

Ford / Dodge / Jeep – Part # – 1057932

Toyota – Part #:1057939

Toyota / Subaru – Part #: 1057940

BMW – Part #: 1057941

Chevy / GMC – Part #: 1057937

Although the booster is available for these makes, be advised that individual model applications may vary.

Final Words

In Conclusion, if you’re looking to increase your boost and enhance your driving experience, then a TS Booster by BD Diesel may be exactly what you need.  Enjoy your vehicle to its fullest limits, with simple plug and play technology.