Who is GrimmSpeed?


GrimmSpeed has been supplying the aftermarket automotive industry with high quality, and innovative parts since 2006. Not only are they passionate about manufacturing aftermarket components, they are car enthusiast themselves. This allows them to really understand what the community is looking for, and to help deliver that need!

GrimmSpeed is a true garage start-up company. They only began as a small single stall townhouse garage in Maplewood Minnesota. They first started developing parts, their bread and butter was anything Subaru. However, as they expanded their team and engineering expertise, they began manufacturing parts for other vehicles such as Mitsubishi, Ford, MazdaSpeed, and Hyundai.

GrimmSpeed has come a long way since their start up in 2006. They are now a leading manufacturer of aftermarket components. They offer a wide range of products including intercoolers, exhaust systems, intakes, gaskets, engine pulleys, boost controllers and more. While their product line and vehicle availability has grown exponentially,  their core values remained the same. GrimmSpeed relies on 3 basic Principles: innovation, keeping jobs in Minnesota, and customer service.


At GrimmSpeed the team of engineers understand how important innovation is in the automotive industry  When proposing ideas, they must feature at least new one innovative feature. It may be a completely new idea, or innovation to a current product on the market. They don’t make copy-cat products, but strive to make high quality products through this practice. This mentality allows them to constantly break into new bounds, delivering you extremely beneficial components.

Keeping Jobs in Minnesota

Grimmspeed recognizes that manufacturing in the US has been lost for a long time. Their company goal is to do their part in bringing these jobs back to the US.  Almost all of their partners are located in Minnesota, most of which are within an hour of them.  By keeping business local, and within the US, they show their commitment to high quality parts isn’t always about manufacturing at the bottom dollar.

Customer Service

GrimmSpeed does not agree with the way customer service is handled now a days, especially in the automotive industry. Their goal is to always be honest with you. If something is going to be delayed, they aren’t going to give you some made up date when it will be ready. They will tell you exactly the most current info we have. If you need help installing their products, they will be there on the phone or email ready to help until you have figured out the issue. Lastly, they promise to keep their word. If we say we are going to call you back, we actually will. Values like this should be practiced by every company.

GrimmSpeed Product Line

GrimmSpeed Subaru Up Pipe
GrimmSpeed Subaru Up Pipe

Not only does GrimmSpeed lead the pack in design and technology, but also in quality and dependability. Their innovative product line of performance exhaust includes everything from a complete cat-back exhaust system to external wastegate up pipes, downpipes, and manifold crosspipes to exhaust adapters. This allows you to adjust your vehicle’s sound and performance from mild to wild!

017001 - GrimmSpeed Phenolic Thermal Spacer
017001 – GrimmSpeed Phenolic Thermal Spacer

They also offer parts such as phenolic thermal spacers. This product allows you to greatly reduce the transfer of heat from engine to intake manifold, thus reducing heat soak. In comparison, when running the oem gasket only your intake manifold gets very hot to the touch, enough to burn your hand. When the oem gasket is replaced with GrimmSpeed’s Phenolic Spacer, your hand can be placed on the intake manifold without any issue. They also offer turbo gaskets, y-pipe gaskets, and more. Any of these gaskets will last longer than OEM gaskets, and give you added performance boost you crave.

Grimmspeed also offers an over-the-top intake that features high-flow CNN low-bent angle and laser cut aluminum tubes. This helps minimize restriction, and boost performance, as well as protected MAF sensor placement for accurate reading and protection from heat.

Top Mount Intercooler Kit by GrimmSpeed
Top Mount Intercooler Kit by GrimmSpeed

They also offer a line of performance intercooler parts. This includes top-mount intercoolers, charge pipe kits, turbo outlet hoses, dyno ducts and more. GrimmSpeed also offers a variety of well-rounded power packages. These packages include all the components need for having your ride tuned for performance gains. Depending on the horsepower you’re looking to gain, what your package may include will vary.

This is just a few of their well known products, however their actual catalog is much larger! Their catalog can be easily found, here.

Final Words

Nothing is better than a company that understands your needs. As automotive enthusiast, they have those same performance, and style desires as you. That matched with their customer service, and innovation is a no brainer that GrimmSpeed is a great company to do business with.