PullRite Hitch Mounting Options

All About PullRite Hitch Mounting Options

Are you browsing for a PullRite Hitch but not sure which one goes sure with what mounting system? Or do you already have a truck, are in the market for an upgrade? Below we have all the PullRite Hitch Mounting options, this article is designed to make your future purchase easier!

ISR Series (Industry Standard Rail)

ISR (Industry Standard Rails) by PullRite
Industry Standard Rails (ISR) by PullRite

ISR is aptly named because of all the different rail systems designed. This is the most popular rail and is now referred to as the “industry standard.”  Industry standard rails are slotted on the top of the rail to accommodate tabbed, or spade feet of a hitch base.  All PullRite ISR Series hitches are quickly installed on these types of rails with pins and clips. It can be easily installed and removed in four easy steps, no tools needed. This mounting system is designed to work with 1/2, 3/4 and 1 ton trucks.

PullRite’s ISR Series mounting systems come in standard (16K—20K). There is also a heavy duty (24K) models, and universal or custom mounting kits. This type of rail system is bolted through the bed of the truck into Mounting Brackets installed on the truck frame located just under the bed.  This type of rail system will to remain in the bed even after the hitch is removed.

Since ISR Rails are the most common, you may have a truck with these rails already installed.  If so, any PullRite hitches will install easily onto your existing rails.

All PullRite ISR rail systems and frame brackets are custom designed to fit your vehicle’s specific make and model. Most will require no drilling of the frame to install.

Hitches that work with this system

#1900, #2100, #2200 ISR Series Super 5th‘s.

#2700, #2900, #2300 ISR Series SuperGlide’s.

#2400 ISR Series SuperLite.

ISR SuperRail Mounting Systems

ISR SuperRails System
ISR SuperRails System

This rail system is designed to give you a clean bed look.  It utilizes PullRite’s patented, totally removable ISR SuperRails. These rails attach to mounting posts which are installed into custom designed frame brackets located beneath the bed.

PullRite ISR Series SuperRails are industry standard rails made of tubing.  They work with any ISR Series PullRite hitch, as well as any other industry standard type hitch that has tabbed/spade base feet.

With the ISR SuperRail Mounting System you can easily and completely remove it from your truck bed.  Once the hitch is taken out of the bed, the SuperRails are removed by pulling four pins and clips.  The Mounting Posts are then removed with a 1/4 turn and lifted out of the frame brackets, leaving you with a completely clean bed. The best part, no tools needed!

All of the PullRite ISR SuperRail frame brackets are custom designed to fit your vehicle’s specific make and model. Most will require no drilling of the frame to install.

Hitches that work with this system

#1900, #2100, #2200 ISR Series Super 5ths

#2700, #2900, #2300 ISR Series SuperGlides

#2400 ISR Series SuperLite

Super Short Bed Trucks & CBT

Short Bed & CBT Rails
Short Bed & CBT Rails

If you have a short truck bed, 1/2 ton truck and want the benefits of Clean Bed Technology the #3100 SuperGlide is designed for you! Designed specifically for trucks with super short beds, or those with less than 6-1/2′ beds. It is only sold with totally removable SuperRail mounting systems.

Similar to the ISR SuperRails, the Mounting Brackets and rails are custom designed for your vehicle and are specific only to the #3100.

OE Puck Mounting Systems

OE Puck System
OE Puck System

Quickly growing in popularity is unique underbed mounting system. They come as OE towing hard points installed by the manufacturer.  Available in 3/4 and 1 ton truck models only, this great towing system gives you one of the most desirable features…a clean bed!

The main feature of an OE Puck system are the mounting posts that install into factory hard points (pucks).  Typically, the hitch is installed by inserting fixed base feet into the pucks and turning the handle to lock it into place.

The problem is, most other brand’s mounting posts come pre-installed and fixed into position on the hitch base and have several drawbacks.  PullRite has solved these problems with their completely removable, custom designed OE Mounting Posts, as well as a few other features.

PullRite SuperGlide is the only hitch manufacturer that has a fully automatic, sliding hitch for an OE Puck system.

Hitches that work with this system:

#1300, #1400, #1500, #1600, #1800 OE Puck Series Super 5th‘s.

#2714, #2715, #2915, #2315 OE Puck Series SuperGlide’s.

#1900, #2100, #2200 ISR Series Super 5th‘s.

 #2700, #2900, #2300 ISR Series SuperGlide’s.

#2400 ISR Series SuperLite when used with OE Series Rail Adapters #4439, #4442, #4444, #4452.

#4437 OE Series Gooseneck Ball can be used in the center mount hole to use the Puck System as a Single Point (1P) Mounting System.  Once the #4437 or another brand OE Ball is mounted, #2600 and #3900 hitches can be used.

Single Point (1P) Mounting Systems

Single Point Mounting System
Single Point Mounting System

Single point hitches are designed to tow gooseneck trailers and typically mount to a single point, standard 2-5/16″ ball. These systems are available as an aftermarket product or come OE equipped   The disadvantage to gooseneck towing is that the driver cannot see the ball while hitching up.

Other companies have developed 5th wheel hitches that attach to the gooseneck ball and provide a plate for 5th wheel towing.  However, this forces the user to install and remove their hitch each time you switch trailer types. PullRite understood this issue and quickly invented several options.

Hitches that work with this system:

#2600 SuperLite and #3900 Single Point Super 5th.

#4437 OE Series Gooseneck Ball can be used in the center mount hole of an aftermarket underbed gooseneck system to accommodate the #2600 and #3900 hitches above.

Final Words

Now that you know all about the types of PullRite Hitch Mounting Options for your truck / SUV, head on over to our article about PullRite 5th Wheel Hitches!