Top 5 Exhaust Systems

Choosing an exhaust system can easily become overwhelming. Finding which one works best with your vehicle, produces the sound you want, has the finish you want can easily become a headache. So to help alleviate that stress, we compiled a list of the top 5 exhaust systems!

Our Top 5 Exhaust Systems


MAGNAFLOW exhaust for Ford Mustang
Ford Mustang exhaust system by MAGNAFLOW

MAGNAFLOW has been around the exhaust industry since 1981! They were also named SEMA manufacturer of the year in 2017. They pride themselves on their quality, power, and sound. All of their products are field-tested to meet the highest performance standards. All of their products are created using the latest technology and from premium components. They are so confident in their product they offer a limited lifetime warranty. The sound produced by a MAGNAFLOW exhaust is iconic in the industry.

Q: What vehicle is MAGNAFLOW Ideal for?

A: While MAGNAFLOW manufactures for many makes and models, they are a great option for muscle cars, trucks, and jeeps.

Highlighted features:
  • Universal, custom exhaust kits available where you can build your exhaust to your specific needs.
  • Straight through, stainless steel mufflers with acoustical packing
  • Deep flow sound
  • Made in the USA

To learn more about Magnaflow, click here.

Invidia Performance

Invidia N1 Exhaust for Subaru WRX
Subaru WRX N1 Invidia Exhaust System

Invidia has an outstanding reputation for manufacturing high quality exhaust systems. These systems are known for their ease of fitment and increased performance, all at a very competitive rate. With Invidia being a great cost efficient manufacturer, quality is not compromised.

Two of the more popular exhaust systems by Invidia is the N1 & the Q300. Each system will help your vehicle in different ways. To check out a more detailed article on their differences, click here.

Q: What vehicle is Invidia Exhaust ideal for?

A: An Invidia exhaust system is ideal for Japanese import vehicles, including Subaru, Nissan, Acura, and Mitsubishi.

Highlighted Features:

  • Manufactured from 304 Stainless Steel
  • Some systems feature the iconic titanium exhaust tip.
  • Increase horsepower & torque
  • Exhaust hangers weld onto OEM locations

To learn more about Invidia, click here.


For decades, Flowmaster has been committed to delivering the best automotive exhaust products to the market and being “The Exhaust Technology Company.” Their mission has always been to bring you the highest quality exhaust products through innovation, advance manufacturing experience and dedication to customer service. Every system is made from the top-quality stainless steel to ensure durability you can rely on. Many of their systems feature mandrel bent tubing which allows for reduced restriction, resulting in increased power. More importantly, every system is easy to install! 

Q: What vehicle is a Flowmaster Exhaust ideal for?

A: Flowmaster is a beloved brand amongst muscle cars, and trucks.

Highlighted features:
  • Every System Tuned on Dynamometer
  • Increased horsepower & torque
  • Multiple systems available, allowing you to fine pick a tone you truly desire!
  • Mandrel bent stainless steel piping.

To learn more about Flowmaster, click here.

Borla Exhaust

Borla Exhaust for Ford F150
Ford F150 exhaust by Borla

Borla has been a leading brand for more than 3 decades.  They offer stainless steel, titanium and carbon fiber units with extensive warranties.  They advertise a “million mile” warranty for their exhaust systems. Each exhaust by Borla is specifically manufactured for your intended vehicle which helps make installation a breeze.  Depending on your desired sound and performance they offer several systems like their S-Type Exhaust System, and Touring Exhaust System. 

Q: What vehicles are Borla Exhaust Systems ideal for?

A: Borla manufactures exhaust systems for many makes and models, however it is most popular amongst Mustang’s, Camaro’s, and the Ford F-150.

Highlighted features:
  • All systems are manufactured from T-304 Stainless Steel
  • Deep, iconic, throaty sound
  • Mandrel bent tubing
  • Large, diverse catalog

To learn more about Borla, click here.


For over 20 years MBRP Ltd. has been providing the automotive community with high power, high quality products.  For those of you who are unfamiliar with MBRP Ltd. Products, they produce performance exhaust systems. They can easily be recognized as a leading manufacture of performance exhaust technology.  They have many product achievements that back that statement. MBRP Ltd credits their remarkable growth over the last their absolute dedication, not just to excellence in its products, but also to standing behind its distributors and dealers and the loyalty that they have given back in return.

Q: What vehicle is a MBRP exhaust system best for?

A: MBRP is ideal for both gasoline and diesel powered trucks!

Highlighted Features:
  • All systems are manufactured from either 304, or 409 stainless steel.
  • Increases horsepower & torque
  • Multiple series available, allowing you to find the perfect system for your vehicle.
  • Many systems mount to OEM hangers

To learn more about MBRP exhaust systems, click here.

Final Words

While this list of our top 5 exhaust systems does not include every manufacturer with high quality exhaust systems, they are definitely hard to beat. If you still cant make your mind up, you can dig a little deeper and check our our articles specifically geared towards each manufacturer. The links to these pages are conveniently located in each category.