Who is Supertech?

Supertech is located in San Jose, California in the heart of the Silicone Valley. Utilizing cutting edge technology, the company has been developing and manufacturing the highest performance valves as well as valve train components available for virtually every type of racing for decades. Supertech combines technology with passionate people and over 30 years of experience. This allows them to create the highest quality performance components available.

Products by Supertech

Supertech provides the industry with superior valves and valve train components. These are available for virtually very type of racing. Whether you drag race, rally, road race, or any other type of motorsport, they has the perfect performance solution for you. By chance if you cannot find the perfect product for your set up, they are also able to custom manufacture the right solution for your vehicle.

While they are most well known for their valves they do manufacture other products as well. Their always expanding line-up includes springs, pistons, rods, retainers, gaskets, valve guides, and more.

Quality & Manufacturing

Supertech products are manufactured with state-of-the-art equipment. This equipment includes as x-rays, Computerized Finite Element Analysis, laser measurement equipment, and ultrasonic tests. As a result, customers get nothing but the highest quality products.

To meet the different needs and requirements of the industry, they provide various types of components. Here’s a quick run-down on several of their products.

Valves -The valve line includes stainless steel, titanium, inconel, and sodium filled inconel units.

Supertech Titanium Retainers
Supertech Titanium Retainers

Retainers – Their retainers are manufactured from either aluminum magnesium, steel, or titanium.

Pistons Their pistons are made from extruded high silicon, enhanced 4032 alloy that features excellent wear resistance, low thermal expansion, and high thermal conductivity.

To learn more about these products and more, stay tuned for future articles highlighting them specifically.

Final Words

Supertech is a well-rounded company that provides high quality components for decades. Their engine components as well as their valvetrain parts are sure to help take your vehicle to the next level.

To check out Supertech’s catalog, click here.