COBB V3 Accessport

Who is COBB? 

In this article we will be covering the COBB V3 Accessport but first let’s talk about who COBB is.

COBB Tuning is an automotive engineering company based out of Rockwall, TX. Founded in 199, they are dedicated to developing solutions that improve vehicles performance and driving experience. COBB makes this possible by taking the entire vehicle-platform into account as a complete system. 

COBB Tuning offers a variety of products to enhance your vehicles performance and driving experience. Some of those products include Intake systemsMotor MountsFuel InjectorsDownpipesBlow off ValvesShift KnobsTurbochargers and more!

COBB Accessport

The COBB Tuning Accessport is the worlds most flexible and easy to use ECU upgrade solution for your vehicle. It allows you to replace factory settings with more aggressive calibrations.  You will be able to adjust things like your ignition timing, boost curves, fueling curves, and more. Additionally, you will be able to monitor your settings through their large, full color screen with customizable multi-gauge display. The COBB Accessport will also allow you to view any codes your vehicle may be throwing. This is an extremely important feature so we can stay in the known with exactly what’s going on with our vehicle.

How it works:

Gauge displays on a COBB Accessport
Gauge displays on a COBB Accessport

Inside your vehicle there is a computer that controls all of your engines running parameters. It is constantly monitoring information from different sensors to make sure your engine is operating at peak performance. When you “Re-Flash” your vehicle, it refers to going into this computer and changing some of the parameters. This allows you to improve your engines performance, unlocking hidden power. 

A common term used is “Maps”. Maps are what contain the new parameters you would like your vehicle to run. In the future we will have an article explaining maps in more depth.

V3 AccessPort

COBB has several Accessports available, and their V3 is an enthusiast favorite. The V3 features a larger, full color high resolution screen vs. previous models. It has a customizable multi-gauge display which allows ease for choosing what exactly you want to see. Additionally it features interchangeable faceplates, as well as an on/off switch.

COBB V3 Accessport Simple Installation
COBB V3 Accessport Simple Installation

Simple Installation:  Everything is included for the simple installation!  Intuitive on-screen instructions identify your exact vehicle and available maps.

Simple Uninstall

Simple Uninstall:  Revert your ECU to exactly as it was before with the easy to use Uninstall option from the main menu.

Trouble Codes

Trouble Codes:  Read engine trouble codes to diagnose issues.  Clear them when resolved.  Prevent expensive trips to the dealership.

Change Maps

Change Maps:  Store up to 100 maps from our OTS map database or from your favorite COBB tuner and quickly switch between them for any need.

COBB V3 Accessport Gauges
COBB V3 Accessport Gauges

Gauges: Use your Accessport as a gauge to monitor boost or any other live information, directly from the ECU.

COBB V3 Accesport Data Logging
COBB V3 Accesport Data Logging

Data Logging:  Record multiple data channels simultaneously for in-depth evaluation of engine performance.  Stores up to 10 hours.

Performance Measuring

Performance Measuring:  Welcome to your own performance evaluation suite!  Measure 0-60 mph time, 60 foot and ¼ mile ET’s. and Trap Speed.

Shift Light

Shift Light:  Set custom RPM warning lights for perfect shifts every time.

Auto On/Off

Auto On/Off Detection:  This feature, when enabled, allows the Accessport to power on when the vehicle is detected to be running and shut down once the engine has been turned off.

Popular Applications

cobbAP3-FOR-003Cobb Ford Mustang EcoBoost AccessPORT V3
cobbAP3-FOR-005-TCMCobb Ford F-150 Raptor AccessPORT V3 w/TCM Flashing
cobbAP3-VLK-002Cobb 15-18 Volkswagen GTI (MK7) AccessPORT V3
cobbAP3-POR-009Cobb Porsche 2016 Macan S/GTS/Turbo AccessPORT V3
cobbAP3-SUB-004Cobb 15 Subaru STI / 16 WRX / 14-15 Forester XT AccessPORT V3

In Conclusion

A COBB V3 Accessport will help you gain all your hidden power. Allowing you to take control, and truly monitor your vehicle will enhance your driving experience, as well as performance. With all of its advanced capabilities, the COBB Accessport V3 is the last engine management solution you’ll ever need.