Stampede Sidewind Deflectors

About Stampede Automotive Accessories

Stampede Automotive Accessories was founded on the simple idea of designing and manufacturing the highest quality truck accessories from the best known materials, and delivering them to our customers in a timely manner. In their centrally located facility they have at their disposal the latest cutting edge design and manufacturing technology. As a result, this allows them produce large quantities, efficiently and cost effectively without cutting any corners or compromising any of the high quality standards they have built our reputation on. Only the best…That’s their attitude.

Products Available

Today Stampede Automotive Accessories offers a full range of plastic accessory products for Cars, Light Trucks, Crossovers, SUV’s and Vans. These include Hood Protectors (Bug Shields), Sidewind Deflectors, Sunroof Deflectors, Fender Flares, Bed Rail Caps.

We will eventually cover each individual product but as we move forward in this article we will discuss their Sidewind Deflectors.

Sidewind Deflectors

If you want to beat the elements and add some attitude to your Truck, Van or SUV then Sidewind Deflectors are what you need. Sidewind Deflectors allow you to keep your windows partially open, to provide ventilation to the interior.

Stampede Sidewind Deflectors
Stampede Sidewind Deflectors

Today’s modern aerodynamic body styles with form fitting doors and windows no longer feature “rain gutters” to channel away water. As a result, you can expect water to drip into the interior. Sidewinds act like a “drip-edge” for your vehicle. They allows you to keep your window partially open for ventilation, without the rain getting in. Not only do these protect your cabin from water and rain, but other elements as well.

As air flows around the outside edge of the sidewind it creates a small low pressure area underneath it (much like an airplane wing) which creates suction to keep out the wind and draw out the stale air from inside your vehicle.

Stampede Sidewind Deflector Key Features:

  • A Contemporary design that reduces wind noise
  • Easy Installation
  • Protection from rocks, mud, rain and road debris
  • Scratch Resistant
  • Durable and UV Stable


Tape-Onz Stampede Sidewind Deflectors
Tape-Onz Stampede Sidewind Deflectors

Stampede Automotive Accessories top of the line deflectors are designed and manufactured to expedite airflow through the cab while protecting you from the elements. Contoured to fit, Stampede Automotive Accessories Tape-Onz are engineered to be an exact fit for each vehicle’s door style.

AVAILABLE IN: Smoke, Chrome, Clear, Camo.


Snap-In's Stampede Sidewind Deflectors
Snap-In’s Stampede Sidewind Deflectors

Stampede re-invented the line of Sidewind Deflectors with a new and advanced design Snap-In’s In-Channel Sidewind Deflectors. The new design inserts securely and easily into the window channel without taping to any painted surfaces. The refined look blends smoothly with body lines and gives a sleeker and more natural look than the originals, while still providing superior interior venting and shielding from wind and rain.


Final Words

If you’re looking for added protection from weather and other elements, then Stampede Sidewind Deflectors are a great addition to your Truck, SUV, or Van. To start browsing the catalog, click here.