aFe Air Filters

About aFe Power

Advanced FLOW engineering, also known as aFe Power is a premier manufacturer of automotive performance systems. Founded in 1999, aFe has always been very passionate about providing compelling, innovative, and highest performing products. Their extensive product line includes AFE cold air intake systems, and air filters. As we continue on in this article we will cover aFe power air filters.

Purpose of an Air Filter

An air filter helps to keep harmful contaminants from entering your engine, ensuring that only clean air, without debris, reaches the engine. For many vehicles with performance upgrades, or used for more than just daily street driving a stock air filter simply is not enough. Whether it not deliver enough air to your engine, or keeping out debris, many can benefit from an upgraded air filter.

aFe Air Filters

Magnum FLOW Benefits

• Improve Power and Acceleration, While Maintaining Your OEM Air Box

• 100% Polyurethane Frame on all Sides for Extra Long Filter Life

• Washable and Reusable for Multiple Cleaning Cycles

• Increased Air Flow Without Sacrificing Protection

• Tall Open Rounded Pleats Provide Excellent Dust Holding Capacity

• Progressive Bump Seal Design Provides a Perfect Fit Every Time


The Magnum FLOW OER Air Filter product line up is what got aFe POWER (advanced FLOW engineering, inc.) started in the late 1990’s. They have continued to provide the ultimate air filters available for your gas and diesel vehicles. They designed all of our OER Filter (Original Equipment Replacement) to increase horsepower, torque, and acceleration, while providing excellent filtration and protection to your vehicles engine. aFe POWER offers up to three air filter medias to match your driving environment and performance needs.

Increased Flow

Their Filters Use Rounded Deep Pleats for Maximum Surface Area and Increased Flow.

Progressive Bump Seal

Pliable Sealing Surface Allows Our Filters to Conform to the Most Uneven Filter Housings.

Durable Construction

100% Polyurethane Frame Provides Extra Long Filter Life.

Expanded Metal

Used on Select Applications for Structural Support

Pro 5R Air Filter

GM Diesel Trucks 11-16 V8 6.6L OER Pro 5R filter  30-10209
Pro 5R

Maximum Performance

  • Washable / Reusable
  • Street / Track
  • 5 Progressive Layers
  • Cotton Composite Media

Primary Benefit: 

PERFORMANCE, Pro 5R provides your engine with the largest amount of high-flowing cold air, providing you the greatest horsepower and torque gains.

Filtration Efficiency: 

98.6% with filtration efficiency, Pro 5R outperforms other cotton gauze medias on the market.

Driving Conditions: 

STREET, Pro 5R exceeds the necessary protection for average everyday driving.

Vehicle Application: 

GAS/DIESEL – just the right combination of airflow and engine protection for maximum performance. 

Pro Dry S Air Filter

GM Diesel Trucks 11-16 V8 6.6L OER Pro Dry S Filter 31-10209
Pro Dry S

Maximum Convenience 

  • Washable / Reusable
  • Street / Light off-road
  • 3 Progressive Layers
  • Synthetic Media
  • No Oiling Necessary

Primary Benefit: 

CONVENIENCE, our Pro DRY S oil-free synthetic filtration media is the world’s easiest-to-service performance air filter media requiring no oils to clean the filter.

Filtration Efficiency: 

99.2% Pro DRY S oil-free dry synthetic media combines excellent filtration efficiency with easy-to-clean convenience.

Driving Conditions: 

STREET/DUSTY, the Pro DRY S will provide extended filter life in normal, everyday driving conditions. Whether in dry and or dusty conditions, the Pro DRY S is an excellent choice just by the ease of maintenance and protection it provides for your engine.

Vehicle Application: 

GAS/DIESEL – excellent filtration and high flow values. Perfect for all vehicle types.

Pro – GUARD 7 Air Filter

GM Diesel Trucks 11-16 V8 6.6L OER Pro-GUARD 7 filter 73-10209
Pro – GUARD 7

Maximum Protection 

  • Washable / Reusable
  • Off-road / Diesel Trucks
  • 7 Progressive Layers
  • Cotton Composite Media

Primary Benefit: 

PROTECTION, Pro-GUARD 7 offers unparalleled engine protection and performance when you need it the most.

Filtration Efficiency: 

99.7% – which provides the greatest level of filtration efficiency and protection available on the market.

Driving conditions: 

EXTREME/VERY DUSTY/Off-road driving, our Pro-GUARD 7 is perfect for all driving conditions, and excels in the harshest, most extreme conditions imaginable.

Vehicle Application: 

DIESEL/OFF-ROAD – The Pro-GUARD 7 was specifically developed for today’s demanding diesel and rigorous off-road applications. Pro-GUARD 7 provides maximum airflow with maximum protection for your expensive engine. 

Final Words

Now that you know the difference, and all the added benefits of an aFe air filter the only question left is which one?