JET Powr-Flo Throttle Body

About Jet Performance Electronics

50 years ago JET Performance Products started off as an engine building and carburetor shop that specialized in Drag Racing applications. In the early years, the company sponsored and ran many of its own Drag cars in IHRA and NRHA which resulted in national records in three different classes.

The company continued to grow over the next several years and it became apparent that Carburetor tuning was going to be the future for the company as it had become the “go to” place if you wanted a Carburetor tuned right or one that could win races.

As with most changes the Aftermarket didn’t take to the idea very quickly and everyone figured the Performance business was over for good. Seeing these changes as an opportunity Bryant, along with a friend that was an electronics wizard set out to reverse engineer these new computer controlled cars and truck to see what could be done to improve the performance. Thousands of hours of research and development went into releasing first performance chips for General Motors applications and JET Performance Products was on its way to becoming the leader in tuning technology for these new cars and trucks.

47 years later JET Performance Products has come a long way. JET has developed a huge array of products that fit over 40,000 applications and continue to release new products to improve the performance of today’s cars and trucks every year.

What is a Throttle Body

The throttle body is a tube containing a pivoting flat valve (butterfly) that is used to control the amount of air entering an engine. In an electronically fuel-injected car, a throttle position sensor and air flow sensor communicate with the computer, which supplies the corresponding amount of fuel needed at the injectors.

Older carbureted engines the throttle body is built into the carburetor and via mechanical means and engine vacuum, more fuel is delivered as the valve opens.

On a fuel-injected engine the throttle body is normally located between the air filter and the intake manifold, and is connected to the gas pedal mechanically with a cable, or electronically by wire. When the driver presses the pedal the butterfly in the throttle body pivots to let more air flow into the manifold.

When that happens, the throttle position sensor reports to the ECU that you have stepped on the gas. And the airflow sensor detects more air and sends a message to the car’s computer to boost the amount of fuel being supplied by the injectors.

JET Powr-Flo Throttle Body

JET Powr-Flo Throttle Body is a direct replacement for the factory unit. It can be used to replace a worn out throttle body or to upgrade the existing throttle body. JET Powr-Flo Throttle Body provides increased air flow for improved throttle response by taking advantage of JET’s unique inlet design. JET Powr-Flo Throttle Bodies include all NEW pre-installed calibrated electronics to allow for a simple “remove and replace” installation.

Key Features:

• Modified air inlet to improve air flow and Throttle response
• Unique Design increases air velocity to the intake manifold
• Pre-Installed Calibrated Electronics for optimum performance
• Direct replacement of stock throttle body
• CNC machined aircraft quality aluminum casting
• Made in the U.S.A.


All JET Performance Products electronic components carry a 2-year warranty to the original purchaser. All other products purchased from and services performed by JET are fully warranted in defects in material and workmanship for a period of 6 months from date of purchase. Repair, replacement, credit or refund (at the sole discretion of JET) will be granted on any warranty claim approved in writing by JET. Costs for labor are specifically excluded and are the sole responsibility of the purchaser. This warranty does not apply to products incorrectly installed, modified by purchaser or to any product which has been subjected to misuse, negligence or accident.

Furthermore, any product used in any kind or type of competition is specifically excluded from this warranty. Purchaser assumes all risk and liability what so ever from any use or misuse of JET products. Upon purchase, purchaser expressly waives any and all liability on the part of its agents, employees, and representatives arising out of any product failure or any defect in material, workmanship, design or installation. This extends to all products and/or services sold or other imparted by JET without regard to the involvement of JET in the design, manufacture, sale and/or use of any JET product or service.

Final Words

Upgrading or replacing your throttle body can boast some serious benefits for your vehicle. However if you really want to gain the full benefits it would be great to pair with an upgraded Mass Air Flow Sensor. Stay tuned for a future article covering all the benefits on this combo. In the meantime click here to browse all JET Throttle Body.