DBA 4000 Series Rotors

Who is DBA USA?

Before we dive deep into the DBA 4000 series rotors, let’s learn a little about DBA USA first.

For over four decades DBA has been a global leader in manufacturing braking systems. When it comes to your braking systems there can be no short-cuts. That is why drivers worldwide demand DBA products for their consistent, reliable, and superior performance products. DBA engineers brake pads that are far superior to generic and aftermarket counterparts. They set the bar in quality, tolerances, premium metals and manufacturing equipment that delivers premium quality products.

DBA Rotors

Brake rotors are an extremely important component in your braking system. Brake rotors are also sometimes referred to as brake disc.  When you apply pressure to your brakes, the brake pad clamps down onto the rotor, which then stops your vehicle’s wheels from spinning. The kinetic energy is converted into thermal energy as your break pads clamp onto the rotors to bring the car to a stop. Your car is essentially turning forward momentum into heat. To learn more about brake rotors, click here.

DBA offers an extensive line of rotors including standard 1-piece and lightweight 2-piece designs. They are tailored for high performance street use, race tracks, commercial use towing, and even 4x4s with oversized wheels. All of their rotors are broken down into series. This allows you to find the best rotor for vehicles needs. These series are; Street Series, 4×4 Survival Series, 4000 Series, and 5000 series. Moving forward, this article will cover the DBA 4000 Series Rotors.

DBA 4000 Series Rotors

4000 Series disc brake rotors are a direct replacement single piece brake rotor. It is specifically designed for drivers seeking upgraded performance braking above and beyond standard OE levels. They are cast from high carbon alloyed iron and undergoing Thermal Stability Profiling, DBA’s metallurgy can handle the increased stress and heat generated under intense braking applications. This series features DBA’s Kangaroo Paw ventilation that implements a series of 144 diamond and teardrop patterned pillars, DBA achieves up to a 30 increase in surface area and 20 improvement in cooling efficiency (as compared to a traditional straight vane design).

Key Features:

4000 Series Diagram
4000 Series Diagram


Symmetrical slots and/or chamfered drill holes facilitate the exit of friction dust and gasses, for a quieter and more responsive pedal feel.


Painted non friction areas to prevent rust and enhance appearance.


Symmetrical slotting and/or drilling for universal left/right use.


Heat treatment cycles realign the microstructure of the iron, resulting in increased rotor stability and durability.


Centre split core castings for increased heat transfer and thermal efficiency.

CBN – 6

CBN (Cubic Boron Nitride) machine turned finish, minimising disc thickness variation and the potential for pad “knock” and resulting premature wear.


Paint markings change colour at specific temperature thresholds to assist with the monitoring of braking temperatures and rotor fatigue.

 *Some variants may not contain all features


Formulation allows for optimal interaction with DBA’s thermal stability profiling (TSP). Increases the capacity of the rotor to handle constant and extreme heat over prolonged periods.


Unique Kangaroo Paw vane design for up to 20% better heat dissipation, increasing braking effectiveness and prolonging brake life.



DBA 4000 Series HD Variant Rotor
DBA 4000 Series HD Variant Rotors

4000 Series HD variant features a smooth OE style rotor finish, popular for drivers looking for the benefits of a 4000 Series rotor but requiring an OE style look. This is great for controlled race divisions. When browsing for the DBA 4000 Series Rotors HD part numbers are not denoted by any part number suffix.


DBA 4000 Series T3 Brake Rotors
DBA 4000 Series T3 Brake Rotors

4000 Series T3 is the ultimate in direct replacement single piece performance brake rotors. It features all the benefits of the 4000 Series plus DBA’s patented world renowned T3 bi directional slot design. Built on the foundations of DBA’s T 2 slot, the T 3 slot design features additional, precise, CNC machined tri symmetrical slots. As a result you can expect even quieter, more responsive and smoother brake pedal feel. The T 3 slot increases the number of exit points for brake pad friction dust and gases to escape through. This further increases the consistency and effectiveness of every brake stop. This rotor is recommended for high performance applications. When browsing for this variant T3 rotors are denoted by the suffix (S) in 4000 Series part numbers.


DBA XS Gold 4000 Series
XS Gold 4000 Series Rotors

XS Gold provides all the benefits of 4000 Series plus feature a premium non directional cross drilled and slotted design. As the name implies it features a unique gold finish on the rotor hub. The introduction of cross drilled and slotted design increases the number of exit points. This allows more brake pad friction dust and gases to escape through both the cross drilled holes and slots. As a result you can expect better braking performance. While providing a similar performance benefit to the T3 slot, the XS Gold is a popular alternative for show cars due to its appealing finish. When browsing for the XS Gold variant, it is denoted by the suffix (XS) in 4000 Series part numbers.


XD 4000 Series Rotors
XD 4000 Series Rotors

4000 Series XD variant features DBA’s non directional cross drilled and dimpled rotor design. The XD finish provides additional cooling benefits above the HD spec, along with enhanced sports aesthetics. The DBA mix of dimples and drilled holes provides enhanced rotor structural support above transitional cross drilled techniques. This rotor is not recommended for track day use. When browsing for this variant the XD rotors are denoted by the suffix (XD) in 4000 Series part numbers.


If you’re looking for increased braking performance, DBA 4000 series rotors will surely get the job done. However once reviewing each variant, if you feel you still need more from your rotors check out the 5000 series. Click here to learn all about the DBA 5000 Series Rotors which feature all the great benefits form the 4000 series, plus more!