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About Wiseco

“Quality People Building a Quality Product” for over 75 years The History of Wiseco In 1940 Clyde Wiseman ventured into his garage on the East Side of Cleveland, Ohio and began producing pistons for himself and a few friends. Word of his high quality work spread quickly, and in 1941 Wiseco Piston was established to

Supertech Valve Springs

Who is Supertech? Supertech is located in San Jose, California in the heart of the Silicone Valley. Utilizing cutting edge technology, the company has been developing and manufacturing the highest performance valves as well as valve train components available for virtually every type of racing for decades. Supertech combines technology with passionate people and over 30

Hasport Motor Mount

About Hasport Hasport Performance is a leading manufacturer of motor mount, and vehicle accessories. As an industry-leader in performance products, quality and craftsman ship is of the upmost importance. They are chosen by engine builders, and those looking to make big power with their vehicle! They credit this success to their research and engineering.  It

Performance Connecting Rod

What are connecting rods? Connecting rods are a major part of your internal combustion engine.  It’s the part that connects the piston to the crankshaft. The connecting rod, along with the crank, converts the reciprocating motion of the piston into the rotation of the crankshaft.  The rod is required to transmit the compressive and tensile

What do Motor Mounts Do?

Motor Mounts, also known as engine mounts, are designed to secure your vehicle’s engine and transmission to the sub frame.  Motor mounts are intended to absorb vibration and shock.  They ensure that you are unable to feel any movement of the motor. Signs of Failing Motor Mounts If you’re starting to feel a lot more

ID1050x Fuel Injectors

Injector Dynamics is a leading manufacturer for fuel injectors.  ID offers a large range of fuel injectors, like the ID1050X, to meet the requirements of each engine. The injector Dynamics 1000 marked the beginning of a new era in fuel injector performance.  Additionally the ID 1000 was the first product from ID offering a number

Injector Dynamics

Injector Dynamics is a globally recognized manufacturer for Fuel Injectors. ID Injectors offer a full range of innovative features which is why they are preferred by builders and tuners all over the globe. ID prides themselves on 3 key things; Technology, Results, & Credibility. Technology: The textbook definition of technology is the application of scientific

Mishimoto Catch Can

If theres something in the automotive industry that every enthusiast can benefit from, it would be a Mishimoto Catch Can.  Oil catch can’s have many beneficial features. The main benefit is the fact that they help capture oil from entering your intake tract.  If your looking to learn more in depth about what catch cans

Air Oil Separator vs. Catch Can

Whether your vehicle is new, used, modified, or stock it produces gas blow-by during the combustion process.  Gas blow-by is the build of oil vapor and contaminants that form in the intake system and throttle body. This buildup can damage the overall performance of your vehicle.  To prevent this you can either install an Air