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Nitrous Express

About Nitrous Express Nitrous Express began in 1996 because they knew they could offer nitrous systems that outperformed anything on the market right out of the box. Nitrous Express had one key advantage; they got to start with a blank sheet of paper.  They were able to manufacture their components with all the hot rod

CSF Intercooler Core

Who is CSF? CSF is a global leader in heat transfer manufacturing. Often calling themselves, The Cooling Experts, have been serving the US aftermarket for decades! To learn more about CSF as a company, click here. As we continue on in this article, we will cover their Intercooler cores. What’s the purpose of an Intercooler? First and

Wastegate 101

What does a Wastegate do? A wastegate (WG) is a boost-controlling device that limits exhaust gases going through the turbocharger. The primary function of a wastegate is to regulate the maximum boost pressure in the turbocharger system. This protects both the engine and the turbocharger. This is done by diverting the exhaust gases away from

Performance Fuel Pump

When you’re looking to make more horsepower, we know we need more air and fuel into our engine. That can be accomplished many ways such as upgrading your fuel injectors, exhaust system, air intake system, and big carburetors.  The list goes on, but none of those parts can do their job unless they’re supplied with

McLeod Clutch

Who is McLeod? For over 43 years, McLeod has been a well-known and trusted distributor of aftermarket clutch and driveline equipment. Known to provide only the finest of products and services, they cater to automotive, light truck, and racing enthusiasts. Their high standards for excellence and decades of experience providing innovative clutches to the market

Magnaflow Exhaust Systems

About Magnaflow Quality, Power, & Sound; This is the motto Magnaflow lives by. This slogan has led the company on its steady path to success. They have been in business for more than 30 years, and is a market leader in exhaust systems. No other brand has managed to fulfill the demands auto enthusiast have

GReddy Exhaust System

When we think about modifying our car, the first thing that comes to mind is usually an exhaust system. Whether you’re a beginner with modifying your vehicle, or a high horsepower racer nothing beats a new exhaust system. GReddy has well engineered exhaust systems that will enhance your performance, improve sound, appearance, and fuel efficiency.

Hasport Motor Mount

About Hasport Hasport Performance is a leading manufacturer of motor mount, and vehicle accessories. As an industry-leader in performance products, quality and craftsman ship is of the upmost importance. They are chosen by engine builders, and those looking to make big power with their vehicle! They credit this success to their research and engineering.  It

Fuel Injectors

What is a fuel injector? Fuel injectors are electronically controlled mechanical devices. Controlled by your ECU (Engine Control Unit), they are responsible for spraying (injecting) the right amount of fuel into your engine. Not only do they need to deliver the right amount of fuel, it must be dispersed at the right angle, pressure and

COBB Tuning

ABOUT COBB Tuning COBB Tuning is an automotive engineering company based out of Rockwall, TX. Founded in 199, they are dedicated to developing solutions that improve vehicles performance and driving experience. COBB makes this possible by taking the entire vehicle-platform into account as a complete system.  COBB Tuning offers a variety of products to enhance