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StopTech Axle Pack

About StopTech StopTech is the high performance and racing brand from Centric Parts. They are a leading innovator of world-class brake components and systems for production-based racing cars and high performance vehicles for both street and track use. They were the first to offer balanced braking upgrades for production cars, and still remain a world leader.

Why Choose Borla Exhaust

Borla Performance Industries pride themselves as pioneers and leaders in the design and manufacturing of stainless steel performance exhaust systems. With over 4 decades of experience, they are backed with knowledge and experience. Innovation is key in the automotive market. Borla has pioneered a large variety of improvements in the design of performance exhaust systems.

ID1050x Fuel Injectors

Injector Dynamics is a leading manufacturer for fuel injectors.  ID offers a large range of fuel injectors, like the ID1050X, to meet the requirements of each engine. The injector Dynamics 1000 marked the beginning of a new era in fuel injector performance.  Additionally the ID 1000 was the first product from ID offering a number

Injector Dynamics

Injector Dynamics is a globally recognized manufacturer for Fuel Injectors. ID Injectors offer a full range of innovative features which is why they are preferred by builders and tuners all over the globe. ID prides themselves on 3 key things; Technology, Results, & Credibility. Technology: The textbook definition of technology is the application of scientific

Eibach Coilover System

Your factory suspension is designed for the “average driver”.  As an automotive enthusiast, that title “average driver” just doesn’t fit us. We know what we want out of our vehicle, and unfortunately the factory usually cannot deliver on that. Luckily, Eibach has designed a coilover suspension system to get us what we desire. Eibach understands

Volant Intake

Volant has been specializing in aftermarket intake systems for trucks, SUVS and jeeps since 1998. Volant is extremely dedicated to providing products that will fit your driving style. They made it their mission to enhance your driving experience, on and off-road.  Closed-Box Design Volant introduced a closed-box intake design to the market.  A closed-box design

AEM Wideband Gauge

Understanding what’s going on with your vehicle in real time can be extremely beneficial.   An AEM Wideband gauge is one of many gauges available that are able to do that. A Wideband gauge will allow you to accurately monitor the Air/Fuel ratio of your engine.  This data is extremely important when you have a

Mishimoto Catch Can

If theres something in the automotive industry that every enthusiast can benefit from, it would be a Mishimoto Catch Can.  Oil catch can’s have many beneficial features. The main benefit is the fact that they help capture oil from entering your intake tract.  If your looking to learn more in depth about what catch cans


MagnaFlow is an iconic company in the automotive industry.  They have in business since 1981. MagnaFlow develops many products such as complete exhaust systems, catalytic converters, mufflers, and exhaust tips. Standing by this philosophy QUALITY MagnaFlow has a large commitment to quality.  All of their products are field-tested to meet the highest performance standards. All

KOYORAD Radiator

Koyorad Radiator started off in 1956 as a radiator repair shop known as Ejiri Radiator.  Twelve years later in 1968, they assembled a radiator and oil cooler.  Once this happened they separated their production facility from their repair facility and began manufacturing radiators.  Two years later, in 1970, Ejiri Radiator was renamed Koyo Radiator Manufacturing.