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HKS LEGAMAX Premium Exhaust

About HKS Established in 1973, HKS was named after its founders, a former engineer Hasegawa and his partner Kitagawa who secured the infusion of capital from Sigma Automotive Co., Ltd and began tuning gasoline engines in Japan. Since its foundation, the company has been committed to offering reliable, well-integrated, and environmentally sound performance systems. Furthermore,

Borla Touring Exhaust

About Borla For over 3 decades BORLA Performance Industries’ is a leading manufacturer of stainless-steel performance exhaust systems. Beginning with systems for “concours classics” such as Rolls-Royce and Ferrari’s they have evolved to supplying todays performance vehicles for the street, track, and off-road. To Learn more about Borla, click here. When looking for a new exhaust system, it’s

Cat-Back Exhaust

Looking for a new exhaust system can be overwhelming.  There are so many different types of systems out there making it easy to become confused.  One of the more popular systems is the Cat-Back Exhaust Systems. Cat-back Exhaust Cat-back exhaust systems run from the outlet of your catalytic converter straight to the exhaust tips.  Since