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Top 5 Interior Upgrades

As enthusiast we spend a lot of time upgrading the performance of our vehicle.  It’s just as important to love your cockpit. Your ride should look as good inside, as it does outside. Many of these upgrades have more purpose outside of look. They can range from helping you shave weight, increase your safety, or

Headers 101

When you’re looking to increase your engines performance, it can become a never-ending task. Knowing your vehicle still has room for performance gains, it’s hard to stop pushing forward. When deciding what modifications should be done, performance exhaust headers should be at the top of your list. In this article we will go over what

Oil Cooler Kit

An engine oil cooler kit is responsible for regulating temperature, and maintain peak performance of your engine. The harder you drive your vehicle, the higher the engine temperatures get. As a result, you can expect your engine fluids to increase. That’s where the engine oil cooler does its job & helps remove heat from your

Perrin Performance

PERRIN Performance manufactures and supplies the some of the finest automotive products available in the market today. Perrin covers you from suspension to engine performance. Their full line of products hits every aspect of performance modification for your vehicle. Early History Perrin was previously known as Alta Sports. In 1996, the owner Adam Taft began