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BORLA Atak Exhaust System

About Borla For over 3 decades BORLA Performance Industries’ is a leading manufacturer of stainless-steel performance exhaust systems. Beginning with systems for “concours classics” such as Rolls-Royce and Ferrari’s they have evolved to supplying todays performance vehicles for the street, track, and off-road. To Learn more about Borla, click here. When looking for a new exhaust system, it’s

Magnaflow Exhaust Systems for Trucks

About Magnaflow Quality, Power, & Sound; This is the motto Magnaflow lives by. This slogan has led the company on its steady path to success. They have been in business for more than 30 years, and is a market leader in exhaust systems. No other brand has managed to fulfill the demands auto enthusiast have on their

Lund International Top Products

About Lund International Lund International designs, manufactures and markets branded automotive accessories primarily for light trucks, heavy trucks, sport utility vehicles (SUVs), crossover utility vehicles, vans and passenger cars. Lund International is now one of world’s leading automotive accessories providers offering highly functional, protective and stylish products from the industry’s most recognized brand names including:

Agency Power Exhaust System

Who is Agency Power? Before we go into Agency Power Exhaust System, let’s talk about who Agency Power is. Agency Power Industries LLC was established in 2003. The founders developed this company to satisfy the high demand of quality, functional and stylish racing products. Based out of Gilbert, Arizona, Agency power has established itself as

Types of Exhaust Systems

When choosing the right exhaust for your vehicle, there is a lot more to understand and learn about than just gaining an iconic sound. When getting the sound you crave, you shouldn’t have to sacrifice performance, nor put your vehicle at risk by picking improper components for your vehicle.  There are multiple systems available, and

Top 5 Exhaust Systems

Choosing an exhaust system can easily become overwhelming. Finding which one works best with your vehicle, produces the sound you want, has the finish you want can easily become a headache. So to help alleviate that stress, we compiled a list of the top 5 exhaust systems! Our Top 5 Exhaust Systems MAGNAFLOW MAGNAFLOW has

Flowmaster Warranty

LIFETIME LIMITED WARRANTY FOR FLOWMASTER STAINLESS STEEL MUFFLERS AND KITS THREE YEAR LIMITED WARRANTY FOR FLOWMASTER ALUMINIZED MUFFLERS, KITS AND OTHER NON-RACE PRODUCTS Flowmaster, Inc. (“Flowmaster”) extends the following limited warranty to the original purchaser of its Stainless Steel and Aluminized Mufflers, Kits, and other Non-race Products (hereafter “Products”): Flowmaster warrants the Products mentioned above against

CORSA Performance

CORSA Performance manufactures high quality headers, exhaust systems, and air intake systems. They use advance engineering technologies to create market leading & cutting-edge products for automotive enthusiast. CORSA Performance Exhaust Systems CORSA Performance exhaust systems remain the standard by which all other exhaust systems are measured.  Their exhaust line, which began in 1998, immediately began