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About Centerforce

Midway Industries Centerforce® division is proud to be recognized as the leading manufacturer of performance clutch and pressure plate systems in the United States. Centerforce’s reputation as the clutch system of choice stretches back to the early 1980’s when legendary Hot Rodder, founder of Hays clutches, and SEMA Hall of Fame member, Bill Hays sought

aFe Air Filters

About aFe Power Advanced FLOW engineering, also known as aFe Power is a premier manufacturer of automotive performance systems. Founded in 1999, aFe has always been very passionate about providing compelling, innovative, and highest performing products. Their extensive product line includes AFE cold air intake systems, and air filters. As we continue on in this article

Hawk Performance

When it comes to your braking system, there can be no compromising. A high quality braking system is one of the most important components in your vehicle. Luckily Hawk Performance delivers just that, high quality braking components you can count on. For over 25 years Hawk Performance has been producing premium friction products that stop

Advanced Clutch Technology (ACT)

About Advanced Clutch Technology (ACT) Since 1994, Advanced Clutch Technology, also known as ACT, has specialized in delivering the highest performing driveline components in the industry. They have an extensive line of clutches and flywheels, helping meet the needs of every enthusiast. Each product offered is thoroughly researched, engineered and tested to ensure it performs

Skunk2 Racing

About Skunk2 Racing Skunk2 Racing (Group-A Autosports)  was founded in 1994 in Northern California. Quickly they began developing innovate high performance engine parts. They introduced the first cast aluminum, high-performance intake manifold. They also developed cutting-edge composite fuel rails, and valve-train components made from premium materials. Skunk2 is acclaimed as being the first U.S.-based sport

The Driveshaft Shop – Axle

About The Driveshaft Shop The Driveshaft Shop specializes in the impossible. For the past 30 years, they’ve designed many of the driveshafts used in numerous record setting race-cars. The Driveshaft Shop offers a range of axles and driveshafts for foreign and domestic automobiles, including Audi, Honda, BMW, Chrysler, Lamborghini, Acura, Pontiac, Nissan, Porsche, Cadillac, Volkswagen,

Wilwood Brake Pads

Who is Wilwood? Since 1977, Wilwood has been engineering and manufacturing high-performance disc brake systems. They developed a substantial matrix of brake components and engineering techniques that allows them to quickly and reliably create brake systems for almost any application. In addition manufacturing brakes for all types of competitive motor sports, Wilwood also manufactures brake

EXEDY Clutch

Who is Exedy? EXEDY Globalparts Corporation (USA) is a wholly owned subsidiary of the EXEDY Corporation of Japan. EXEDY (Japan) was founded in 1923 and its clutch manufacturing business and prominent brand name Daikin Clutch are known throughout the world for supplying quality powertrain products. The advanced engineering and patented innovations by EXEDY have made

DBA Brake Rotors

Who is DBA? For over four decades DBA has been a global leader in manufacturing braking systems. When it comes to your braking systems there can be no short-cuts. DBA engineers brake rotors that are far superior to generic and aftermarket counterparts. They set the bar in quality, tolerances, premium metals and manufacturing equipment that delivers premium quality

BORLA Performance Industries

Who is BORLA? For over 3 decades BORLA Performance Industries’ is a leading manufacturer of stainless-steel performance exhaust systems. Beginning with systems for “concours classics” such as Rolls-Royce and Ferrari’s they have evolved to supplying todays performance vehicles for the street, track, and off-road. Why Choose BORLA? Millions of exhaust systems are replaced every year