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Performance Radiator

Radiators & Their Functions Before we discuss performance radiators, its important to understand how the radiator works. Your factory engine before any modifications produces high heat.  To prevent your engine from overheating, your car pumps coolant through the engine.  This fluid receives the heat and carries it away from the engine block.   The coolant takes

Hawk Performance

Hawk Brake Pads For more than 25 years Hawk Performance has been creating powerful and reliable brake pads for your vehicles. Many professional drivers choose Hawk Performance due to their high quality product. In fact, Hawk is the official brake product for motorsport organizations like the National Auto Sport Association, Ron Fellows Performance Driving School,

Cat-Back Exhaust

Looking for a new exhaust system can be overwhelming.  There are so many different types of systems out there making it easy to become confused.  One of the more popular systems is the Cat-Back Exhaust Systems. Cat-back Exhaust Cat-back exhaust systems run from the outlet of your catalytic converter straight to the exhaust tips.  Since

AEM Intake Systems

AEM Intake Systems Innovation is key when it comes to the aftermarket performance market. That is why one of the founders of AEM Intakes lives by the quote “If you cant make something better, why make it at all”.  AEM Intakes has pioneered many products that are now available in the aftermarket world.  They are