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AEM Performance Intakes

Here at SCW we have stopped recommending AEM Intakes based on their recent customer support. We are now recommending the following brands for your vehicle:

Volant Cold Air Intakes

Injen Intakes

AFE Power Intakes

Innovation has always been AEM's core competency. As AEM's founder would say "if you can't make something better, why make it all". This make it better drive, combined with AEM's commitment to the sport compact market continues to distinguish AEM from other companies. Their innovations are inspired by a passion for engineering excellence, being there and getting their hands dirty. AEM feels it's the only way to really understand technology enough to make it better.

  • AEM was one of the first companies to design performance aftermarket induction systems with specific tube lengths and diameters. The design took advantage of pressure waves in the inlet tract. The tuning of the inlet tract dimension creates more control over the RPM range being affected.
  • AEM began to explore the advantages of cooler air on combustion efficiency in the mid nineties and coined the phrase Cold Air Intake.
  • AEM worked with K&N in 1999 to design conical air filters with built in air horns at the filter base to greatly enhance air flow into the inlet duct.
  • AEM developed the first dual chamber intake kits designed to generate more power over a broad RPM range.
  • AEM designed a unique air bypass valve in order to avoid hydro-lock situations for systems where the filter is low enough to potentially encounter water.
  • AEM created one of the first hybrid induction systems for cars with engine swaps.
  • AEM has developed an electronically tuned air intake solution to MAF sensor scaling problems.