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AEM Intake Systems

Cold Air Intake systems relocate your vehicle filter outside of the engine compartment near the front fender to help provide cooler inlet air. The long, free-flowing intake pipe routes from the filter and offers an increase in the volume of airflow to your engine. In result, your engine will gain more horsepower and torque. AEM’s Cold Air Intakes are designed not only with power gains in mind, but as well as appearance.

Not only does AEM carry a full line of Cold Air Intake Systems, but also Short Ram Intakes (SRI). Their short ram intake often utilizes a heat shield to help protect the filter from high engine bay temperatures. The CAD-designed intake tube helps provide smooth airflow, getting your engine the air it needs.

AEM Intakes also has a full line designed specifically for gas and diesel trucks, SUVs and late-model fuel-injected muscle cars. Referred to as Brute Force Intake Systems, they feature a powder-coated steel heat shield to help protect the filter from engine heat, and an intake tube designed to provide smooth flow of air.

If you have any questions about Intakes Systems by AEM for your vehicle , reach out to one of our experienced representatives and we will be happy to help you make a more informative decision.

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