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Bully Dog

Bully Dog Performance Parts

No one likes a bully, but everyone who drives a powerful truck or SUV loves Bully Dog. That's because Bully Dog has pioneered the high-tech, high-speed performance chip industry with an arsenal of cutting-edge devices engineered for the sole purpose of pumping up your pony output. From their classic Power Pup to their latest Triple Dog GT, Bully Dog has exactly what you need for unbridled towing, passing and hill-climbing power.

Installing a Bully Dog programmer is even better than shoving a pocket-sized mechanic under your hood. Plus, it's easier to find! Once in place, these tuners tap into your onboard computer and build upon your ride's potential to perform. What's more, Bully Dog chips are easy to install in your own driveway?so you start enjoying your newfound power right away. Each Bully Dog product boasts its own unique features, too! For example, if you're looking for a tuner to enhance performance across your garage?and not just one ride? you'd want to check out the Bully Dog WatchDog Fuel Economy Monitor since it is easily transferable to any ride with an OBDII port.