DC Sports

DC Sports prides themselves in meeting and exceeding the highest standards of quality, which is why research and development is the first step in the process when creating new products. Thanks to Darrick Contreras, the head of DC Sports 6,500 square foot facility, all products reflect his years of fabrication experience and attention to detail. Along with DC Sports team of engineers, the creation of quality products is guaranteed every time.

Countless hours are spent handcrafting multiple prototypes to maximize power and performance. Once the prototypes are created they are then subjected to numerous tests on the dyno to see which one makes the most power. DC Sports uses the latest equipment such as a Dynapack Chassis Dynamometer and a Dynamic Testing Systems dyno to compare horsepower, torque and many other engine characteristics. A typical series of tests starts off measuring stock power, and then each of the DC Sports products is tested on the car individually. Each test consists of at least three runs on the dyno. It is not unusual to make 35-40 runs for each car. During the entire process oil temperature, intake air temperature and water temperature are all kept constant to ensure accurate dyno results. Testing and retesting allows DC Sports to guarantee that you will be satisfied with the product.

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