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Enos High Performance Engine Oil

With more than 120 years of experience in the oil industry, Nippon Oil, the manufacturer of ENEOS OIL products are amongst the top oil companies in the world. With the collaboration it has with numerous major Japanese car companies, Nippon Oil (Eneos Engine Oil) has the know-how and experience to formulate top quality motor oil for both Japanese and other vehicles alike.

ENEOS products are formulated for individuals that care about their motor vehicles. ENEOS products does not generalize consumers as a whole, but instead targets the specific need for individual driver. ENEOS 0W-20 is formulated for individuals that are looking for to reduce fuel consumption and C02 emissions as well as achieving higher fuel efficiency. The quality 0W-20 offers make this an exceptional eco-friendly product.

When high-output cars with large engine displacements are driven for long periods at high temperatures and heavy loads, they demand the outstanding heat resistance and oxidation stability that only fully synthetic motor oils can provide. ENEOS motor oil is made from 100% synthetic oil, it has an ultra-wide 0W-50 viscosity range that ensures superb starting performance even at the coldest winter temperatures as well as excellent oil film retention in the hottest summer conditions.

Outstanding High-Temperature Oxidation

Made from a carefully engineered blend of 100% synthetic base oils and optimized additives, ENEOS 0W-50 provides high-temperature oxidation stability vastly superior to motor oils made from mineral base oils. ENEOS 0W-50 also has outstanding coking resistance, an essential property for protecting turbo rotors operated at high temperatures and speeds.

Superior Drive-Train Wear Resistance and Excellent Cleanliness

The synthetic base featured in ENEOS 0W-50 allows it to maintain a strong oil film even at high temperatures, speeds and loads. This anti-wear protection is particularly effective in the drive trains of overhead cam systems, where lubrication conditions are especially challenging. In addition, ENEOS 0W-50 delivers superb thermal and oxidation stability, so it maintains excellent engine cleanliness by suppressing sludge formation, which can cause engine seizures and pump clogging.