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Over the years, Fidanza's customers have grown to rely on their products, so when requests came in for them to provide them with other critical components, they put their expertise to work again to offer their customers top of the line parts like their Adjustable Cam gears and V-Series performance clutch kits for today?s performance automobiles too.

Why choose their aluminum flywheel versus stock steel? It's simple: Fidanza's lightweight aluminum flywheels will give you faster, crisper throttle response, quicker acceleration, faster & smoother shifting, better braking from speed, reduced stress/wear on your engine and maybe even a little better fuel economy for your vehicle . If you can keep your foot out of it that is.

Their flywheels are 40%-60% lighter than stock steel flywheels, and that significant reduction in rotational weight frees up horsepower that your engine would normally need to get that heavier stock flywheel spinning, and that provides additional ?free? horsepower to your wheels. That same reduction in weight also makes it easier to slow your car down and will make it accelerate and brake as if it were 150-200 pounds lighter on average. Lighter rotational weight also means smoother clutch engagement and faster shifting. Ask any racer and the choice is clear!

Even for drag racing, the lighter flywheel?s wheel horsepower advantage pays off, cutting a reported one to two tenths off the quarter mile. Of course it takes a little getting used to since an aluminum flywheel means you can launch at a little higher rpms without ?shocking? the driveline and tires, and the lighter weight and faster acceleration means you?ll be shifting just a little sooner as you head for the traps! But in independent testing shown by both Popular Hot Rodding and Muscle Mustangs & Fast Fords, the advantage is clear, and lighter is better! So then, why choose Fidanza aluminum flywheels over the other guys? That?s simple too! Their flywheels are designed, engineered and manufactured right here in the USA. Their team doesn't just take a stock flywheel and copy it out of aluminum like some others do. Fidanza actually analyzes the originals and engineer improvements where needed; whether it be in overall balance, critical clearances or improved design, their flywheels are built for performance.

Machined from the highest quality 6061 T6 or 2024 T3 aluminum, each flywheel is manufactured to deliver optimum tensile strength, heat dissipation and weight reduction, without going too light and causing poor idle and driving issues like some of the ultra-lightweight competitors. All Fidanza aluminum flywheels also feature their replaceable friction surface eliminating the need for resurfacing or total flywheel replacement when changing out clutches, saving both time and money.