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Fidanza Clutch

Fidanza clutch pressure plates are designed to handle higher than OE torque applications, without wearing out your leg. With Fidanza’s design you can expect to have an increase in pedal effort between 15-20% over stock depending on application. All Fidanza clutch assemblies are computer balanced to help reduce vibration and noise and to ensure smooth operation.

V-1 = Sprung hub full face organic street disc designed for ultimate drivability and performance.
V-2 = Sprung hub ceramic 6 puck designed for high-power builds used on the street or track.

Its important to match the correct Fidanza V-Series clutch system with the vehicle and its intended use! Knowing what characteristics you want in a clutch and the torque and horsepower output of the engine is important too. you have any questions about which clutch is right for your vehicle , reach out to one of our experienced representatives and we will help you make a more informative decision.

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