Hallman Boost Controllers

Hallman Boost Controllers has been in business since 1995. Hallman offered the first closed loop manual boost controller at an affordable price. Hallman's boost controller's offer the fastest spoolup of your turbo, steady boost and easy adjustability.

In August 1998 Turbo Magazine said "The Marc Hallman Boost Controller is one of the best manual boost controllers available on the market." The Hallman Boost Controller has been proven to outperform the much more expensive electronic units in turbo spoolup. It is no wonder Turbo Magazine gave Hallman Boost Controller's such a great compliment.

Hallman Boost Controllers are machined and constructed of high quality materials. Hallman uses 316 stainless steel and brass materials for their valves and internals. This insures a long life of the product and repeatable performance. All of Hallman Boost Controller valves have been redesigned for 2002. Also in the redesign Hallman has incorporated a slightly lighter spring to help make the adjustment less sensitive. Also, they now have all of their valve bodies hard chrome plated for a nice appearance and durable finish.

In July of 2002 Hallman released two different patent pending cockpit controlled manual boost controllers and one patent pending cockpit controlled add-on kit that will allow cockpit control of any previous model Hallman boost controller. Their goal at Hallman Boost Controller is to always be on the cutting edge of bringing our customers new and exciting products.

In 2003, Hallman started offering their Pro Series boost controllers. The new hallman boost controllers are machined out of billet aluminum and stainless steel. The new kits have been designed to offer some new features, such as:

  • Simple adjustment, there is no lock nut or allen wrench(s) needed to adjust boost.
  • Overboost protection, the internals of the Pro Series valves cannot be lost.
  • Expandability, every valve is cockpit control ready with the addition of an add-on kit.

In 2004, Hallman was granted their U.S. Patent # 6658849 for the Hallman cockpit control cable.

You may be able to find a "cheaper" manual boost controller but no other company or individual offers the quality or the customer support that Hallman Boost Controller offers. Hallman Boost controller products are second to none.

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