King Racing High Performance Bearings

The Science of Speed

King designs and manufactures cutting edge high performance bearings that excel in accuracy and load capacity. The King Racing line combines Sport Compact and Domestic engine bearings with ground-breaking geometric and metallurgical features. Equipped with advanced materials and construction techniques, King Racing bearings extend the limits of power, performance and durability.

King high performance bearings are a product of innovative R&D processes, extensive lab tests and ?on-track? trials. King combines over 50 years of expertise, superior standards and advanced in-house simulation technologies to achieve better results.

The Difference is in the Details

King?s strongest advantage is its range of unique in-house production technologies that account for every detail; from materials research and manufacturing, to automated machining and software development. Their attention-to-detail is goal driven, as they aim to exceed industry standards of quality standards and production efficiency.

King?s production process begins with in-house casting of unique alloys, continues with automated production line manufacturing and overlay plating, and concludes with packaging and product delivery.

King Racing's end-to-end production, all under one roof, is key to total control throughout the entire manufacturing process and to superior quality assurance.

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