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Progress Technology

Springs, Coilovers, Sway Bars and more

Established in 1995, The PROGRESS Group Inc. has evolved from modest beginnings as a distributor of suspension components to the manufacturer of the nationally recognized PROGRESS Technology line of performance handling components.

After ten years of continuous development, The PROGRESS Technology line of suspension components has become a premier program for tuning today's popular automobiles. Their long-term commitment to superior products and unparalleled customer satsfaction are fundamental to their business today.

"Advancing the Art" is the slogan adopted by the founders of the company in their quest of becoming the leaders in today's highly competitive suspension aftermarket. The steadfast dedication to fulfilling that quest is proven by:


Their in-house engineering staff maintain the consistency and exacting standards of performance matched components for today's aftermarket. The design, R&D, prototyping and testing are performed in-house to insure the seamless flow of the build process and contribute to the overall value of the product in form and function.


PROGRESS is proud to offer quality built domestic products made entirely in the USA, in Anaheim, California. They strive for providing enhanced suspension products with the assurance of unmatched performance and durability.


The ultimate goal and overall value of the effort put forth is what PROGRESS wishes to achieve. They produce results from the products they manufacture, and these figures allow their engineers to push the envelope of design and facilitate the need to push harder and go faster. Improved handling is the result of superior design.


"The Best Kept Secret in the Industry" is no longer a big secret. Time and time again PROGRESS Technology products are being used on winning teams in the numerous sanctioning bodies, IMSA, SCCA, NASA, SCTA, World Challenge, Honda Challenge, and lastly, Toyota Motorsports has chosen PROGRESS to equip the "new" Scion tC Pace Cars and Celebrity Challenge vehicles.


PROGRESS creates and calibrates the dyno curves in all the coil-overs they design from their in-house shock dyno, and matches the spring rates on their load cell to optimize performance and ride compliance. All sport spring designs are painstakingly designed in-house and extensively tested to meet their exacting standards.