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RC Fuel Injection

RC Fuel Injection is the world's leading supplier of high-performance, electronic fuel injectors. RC injectors are available for a wide range of automotive, motorcycle and marine engines used in high-performance or racing applications.

All of their injector magic takes place in RC's relatively modest-sized combination test laboratory and machine shop. Assisted by a staff of three fuel injection technicians and an office manager, RC turns out the most unique injector work in the world.

RC has not just one but three injector flow testing and calibration systems. Two of them are computer-controlled. One is used to test groups of four very-high-capacity racing injectors simultaneously. The other tests single injectors and also has strobe lights to view injector spray patterns and oscilloscope equipment to analyze injector electrical characteristics. A third injector test bench is used to do basic flow-test work on eight OE or moderate-capacity racing injectors at once.

While RC Fuel Injection has the usual compliment of lathes, mills, drill presses and other machine tools used to manufacture all kinds of custom engine hardware, the most interesting and unusual piece of equipment in RC's shop is a precision, single-post tool grinder made by the German machine tool firm, Deckel. Deckel precision grinders are rare outside the aerospace industry because of their high cost-upwards from $25,000-but RC Fuel Injection has one uses it to work on injector internals. A Deckel is capable of grinding small parts to tolerances of five ten-thousandths of an inch (.0005). When working with parts as small as injector pintels, the operator has to look through a ten- power viewing device, called an optical comparator, while operating the machine.

Computers abound at RC Fuel Injection. Not only are they used to run the office and connect to the Internet, but RC maintains a comprehensive data base of the flow capacity and other characteristics of the hundreds of different types of injectors used world-wide. RC Fuel Injection also maintains a large stock of different types of injectors. With so many injectors on the shelf, computer inventory control is required.