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Turbosmart Performance Enhancing Products

Behind every Turbosmart product stands a long and rich racing history. While a majority of Turbosmart products are used on street cars, their design and testing procedure is identical to the high-end purpose-made racing products. Before reaching the consumer, Turbosmart products are subjected to a range of tests performed in the most demanding environment ? the race track.

Since its inception, Turbosmart has been involved in various forms of motorsport. Through sponsorship programs, they have been able to secure R&D access to many top-ranking vehicles. The lessons learnt while designing and manufacturing parts to handle extreme horsepower, torque and speed requirements translate to street technology that is not only functional and reliable but also extremely durable and versatile.

Turbosmart's testing philosphy is simple; the product must satisfy all performance and reliability requirements under competitive racing conditions before it is it deemed fit for the general enthusiast usage. While some might think of it as an ?overkill? Turbosmart calls it ?safeguarding? for both customers, and reputation.

This ?Top-Down? approach has resulted in products that are respected at both ends of the spectrum, from the motorsport fraternity right down to the street enthusiast. This reputation for performance and reliability is evident with every box stamped with the ?Turbosmart? logo.