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Turbonetics Turbocharger

In this article we cover the Turbonetics Turbocharger but first we will discuss a little bit about Turbonetics. Turbonetics Facility Since 1978, Turbonetics has been a leading source for OEM and aftermarket forced induction systems and components. Turbonetics is a world class small-to-medium volume OE and aftermarket manufacturer of turbochargers, heat exchangers, and pressure control

Wastegate 101

What does a Wastegate do? A wastegate (WG) is a boost-controlling device that limits exhaust gases going through the turbocharger. The primary function of a wastegate is to regulate the maximum boost pressure in the turbocharger system. This protects both the engine and the turbocharger. This is done by diverting the exhaust gases away from

BD Diesel Intercooler

Who is BD Diesel? Since 1989, BD Diesel has focused on diesel powertrain components. Over the decades they have engineered excellence through their innovative products and commitment to quality and performance. Their mission is to deliver value to every performance enthusiast. They carry products for many vehicle models such as Dodge, Ford, Mercedes, Jeep, and Chevy/GM. To

Snow Performance

Snow performance is the largest and oldest methanol injection company. They bring on decades of experience, and insight to all aspects of water-methanol injection.  Founded in 2002, they have maintained their promise and passion to deliver a state of the art water-methanol injection experience to customers through quality components.  Furthermore, they have a firm belief

Turbosmart Boost Controller

Turbosmart is a leading manufacturer in boost control management.  Whether you vehicle is being used for street or race applications, they have a wide variety of boost controllers to suit your needs. A Turbosmart boost controller is available in two options, mechanical & electronic. .  Mechanical Boost Controller Mechanical boost controllers are also sometimes referred

Turbosmart e-WG Wastegate

Nothing is more exciting then when a great company comes out with a new award-winning product! Turbosmart has released their much anticipated e-WG Eletronic wastegate.  This is a fully electronic actuatable external wastegate in 45mm and 60mm options.  Gen-V This isn’t the first time TURBOSMART pushed new boundaries for wastegates.  In 2016 they launched the