Race Ramps FlatStopper As A Smart Investment

If you’re tired of getting constant flat spots on your tires, this blog is definitely your answer to solve that problem. Our solution? Race Ramps FlatStoppers! Let’s get on with it, shall we?

So, we talked about towing in our previous blog that could help trailer owners in towing easily. This time, we decided it’s time to talk about a product that is not only useful, but also a great investment for your tires! 

About Race Ramps Flatstoppers

In a nutshell, the FlatStoppersare made of foam material that stays put when you drive up on it. With a great rubber coating that prevents slipping, it’s a useful tool to prevent flat spots that could ruin your tyres.

Designed to be lightweight but durable

Race Ramps designed the FlatStoppersto be innovative and convenient. Anyone can easily and quickly lift their car off the flat-stacker stands without having to use any additional equipment. This is such an easy way to move your car with ease. 

Moreover, with its durable construction and simple design, the Flatstopper is an essential tool not only for race car enthusiasts but also to everyone.

Before we proceed, let’s get to know the innovators of Flatstoppers!

Race Ramps

With US-patented products and manufacturing process, Race Ramps offer consistent and new automotive products across the globe. 

“Race Ramps and Raceramps.com are a division of Race Ramps LLC, which is based in Escanaba in Michigan’s beautiful Upper Peninsula, with offices in quaint Germantown in southeastern Wisconsin. Our goal is to provide unparalleled automotive products with high-quality service to our customers. Every product we manufacture is Made in the USA with American-manufactured raw parts. No other car ramp solution can compare.” – Race Ramps

Saving thousands of tires worldwide

FlatStoppers have been saving thousands of tires worldwide while they’re stuck in winter or long-term storage and they are more affordable than the cost of replacing your tires. 

Exclusively patented

Made from 100% solid, high-density foam, FlatStoppers offer you a rugged anti-slip coating that is lightweight and durable. 

“They won’t slide, scratch, or damage your floors, and won’t conduct heat or cold from the surface to your tires, making them a versatile solution in hot or cold weather applications.”

Designed specifically for your tires

FlatStoppers can hold tire diameters from 25” to 30”. They also feature a rounded formation to curve around the tire. This prevents the weight from pressing the tires down flat.

Can support up to 1,500 lbs. of weight

“Each FlatStopper can support up to 1,500 pounds, giving you a total weight capacity of 6,000 when a full set of four is in use. This will allow you preserve the tires on just about any kind of vehicle you’re likely to be storing for long periods of time in your garage.” Race Ramps

What else? FlatStoppers are easy to use, offer easy movement and storage (being just a pound each!) prevents sliding and offers various widths that are useful in all environments..

If these reasons aren’t enough, well, we’ve got more to convince you!

Why You Should Invest in Race Ramps Flatstoppers

Here at Sports Compact Warehouse, we know how important it is to protect the high-quality tires you invested on your vehicle. 

Flat spots are a result of long-term storage of tyres. So if you’re someone who has a car that’s only being used seasonally, this one’s for you, especially if:

  • If you have a classic car you only bring out for special occasions or a vehicle you only use seasonally
  • If you would like to preserve your tires and not worry about flat spots
  • If you have a performance tire that deserve to be always at its peak condition
  • If you live in areas with cold, harsh winters

Over time, the tires will start to flatten out where they rest on the floor of your garage. If you live in an area that gets cold the rubber may also also grow stiff. Nobody would flat spots in the tires hardening out! 

So, the longer you keep the car in storage without moving it, the more likely you’ll experience permanent damage to those tires that will necessitate replacement.

Race Ramps Flatstoppers are highly beneficial tools to prevent all these problems. 

It’s not always feasible to regularly take the vehicle out for a spin just to prevent flat spots in the tires, so using Race Ramps’ FlatStoppers is an ideal solution.


See more info about this 16” W Supercar Flatstopper

Product Information

Maximum Capacity: 1,500 lbs. per ramp
Sold as: Set of 4
Length: 28″
Length: 28″
Width: 16″
Maximum Tire Width: 14″
Height: 3.29″
Lift Height: 1.25″
Weight: 3.5 lbs. per ramp
Material: Expanded foam with traction coating
Approach Angle Degree: 8.9°
Color: Black
  • Evenly dispersed vehicle weight and preserves tire shape to prevent flat spots
  • Fits supercar tires up to 14 inches wide
  • Won’t slip, slide or scoot no matter the surface, or damage garage floor

Usage Guideline from Race Ramps

  1. Use on a level, flat surface. 
  2. Ensure that the bottom of each Flatstopper makes full contact with the ground. 
  3. You may notice indentations in the Flatstopper after you remove the car. 
  4. This is normal as the Flatstopper is conforming to the tire. 
  5. See instruction manual link to review full usage guidelines.

Bonus tip:

  • Keep the air pressure at proper levels
  • Regularly use a gauge to check your tires. If they have lost a certain amount of air, have them inflated at enough levels.
  • If possible, regulate the temperature in your garage to prevent air loss!

Here at Sports Compact Warehouse, all of the performance parts we offer are quality parts. If you have any questions related to Race Ramps FlatStoppers or you need help deciding what would improve your ride the most, feel free to contact us.

One of our experienced representatives will be happy to help you with any questions or direct you to find out the right answer. See you there!