StopTech Brake Rotors

StopTech is the high performance and racing brand from Centric Parts. They are a leading innovator of world-class brake components and systems for production-based racing cars and high performance vehicles for both street and track use. They were the first to offer balanced braking upgrades for production cars, and still remain a world leader. StopTech carries a large variety of braking system upgrades including  big brake kits, axle packs and brake pads to stainless steel brake lines, sport rotors and racing brake fluid.

StopTech has a number of brake rotors available for a variety of applications.  To be exact, they have over 650 platform offerings available to date. Whether your vehicle is a daily driver, work vehicle, or a race car; they have got you covered. A brake rotor’s primary function is to store and release thermal energy that is generated during the braking process.  StopTech brake rotors are high quality products, with innovative design details that result in optimal stopping power.

Types of Brake Rotors

When browsing through their catalog you will come across several different types of rotors.  Firstly you will notice there are slotted rotors, drilled & slotted rotors, and drilled rotors.  When it comes to drilled vs. slotted brake rotors, they each have their advantages and disadvantages.  To learn more about that, check out this article.

StopTech themselves offer 4 different types of brake rotors.  Those types are AeroRotors, Sport Rotors, GCX Environmental protection coated rotors, and centric premium rotors. 

StopTech AeroRotors

StopTech AeroRotor
StopTech AeroRotor

This patented design is a 2-piece replacement rotor. It features a AeroHat and AeroRotor friction ring.  This 2-piece design allows for independent expansion of the rotor and hat without coning.  Additionally, the AeroRotor features AeroVane, which improves airflow & cooling, and has increased heat capacity. This rotor allows for an increased airflow of up to 61%, which results in not only better cooling but less brake fade as well.

  • Available in drilled or slotted
  • Optional gold zinc coating for environmental protection
  • Save up to 8lbs vs OEM rotors

StopTech Sport Rotors

StopTech Sport Rotor
StopTech Sport Rotor

Sport Brake Rotors are a direct replacement disc for your factory brake system, and stock calipers. They offer improved cooling and other advantages that you will not find with competitors. Sport Rotors feature a durable black E-Coating on the non swept areas of the rotor.  This coating helps prevent corrosion. Additionally, all Stoptech Sport Rotors are available cryogenically treatment. This treatment better aligns the molecular structure of the disc, allowing for enhanced durability and longer life span. When a Sport Rotor is treated cryogenically treated it is referred to as a StopTech Cyro Rotor.

GCX Environmental Protection Coated Rotors

This rotor features a partial RS200 coating on the friction surface to ease bed-in and a full coating on the rotor vanes to prevent corrosion while promoting efficient rotor cooling.  GCX Rotors offer superior protection against corrosion and dust due to this coating. They have been engineered to restore OE performance while offering maximum durability and extended life service.  

Centric Premium Rotors

Centric Premium Rotors
Centric Premium Rotors

These rotors are a blank, 1-piece direct replacement of your factory rotors. They meet OE specifications and production process. They are manufactured to meet QS and ISO quality standards. These rotors offer E-coating, which help prevent corrosion, and a machined finish. Their symmetric vanes allow for optimal heat transfer, and thermal efficiency. Lastly, their mill balancing allow for reduced feedback associated with rotor vibration.


StopTech rotors earned full ISO/TS 16949:2009 Quality Management System certification in 2013.  This certification was in reflection of their automotive brake system and components.  This allows them to supply OEM vehicle assembly plants directly in a Tier 1 relationship. StopTech brake rotors are designed, engineered, and built to offer significant braking advantages over OEM parts. Additionally, Centric has garnered numerous industry and program distribution group awards for vendor of the year, best catalog, best website, best new products and more.

StopTech® has the engineering and R&D resources to test rotors on one of three Link brake dynamometers. Those dynamometers are street and track vehicles, and in the laboratory.

Furthermore, with StopTech Brake rotors you can expect:

  • Restores original factory appearance and performance
  • Superior protection from corrosion and rust even in the harshest of environments
  • Elemental Protection coating on rotor vanes prevents corrosion and promotes efficient rotor cooling
  • Engineered and manufactured for maximum durability and extended service life

Final Words

If your looking for shorter, more controlled stops, firmer brake feel, better brake modulations and supreme control in any conditions then StopTech is the company for you. Their superior brake rotors, and diverse catalog make them an easy choice for any enthusiast.