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2008 BMW M3 ALL


Performance Brake Kits

The more you modify your 2008 BMW M3 for more engine performance, the more stopping power you will need. The same applies for heavy-duty towing, and off-roading applications. OE brakes are designed for the everyday driver. By upgrading your factory brakes to a high performance brake kit you will not only increase your stopping power, but also decrease your stopping distance. High performance brake kits also have a firmer brake pedal with less brake fade.

When looking into upgrading your OE braking system with an aftermarket high performance brake kit, you will come across several options. Depending on your intended use and budget, your options will vary. Most brake kits will include disc brake rotors, and brake pads. Rotors can be constructed from materials like high carbon content, high silicon content cast iron or carbon ceramic. These materials will dissipate heat much more efficiently then your stock rotors. You will also find that many high performance rotors are drilled and/or slotted which will allow more heat ventilation, water, and pad gasses to escape. Brake pads can also come in several materials. You will find materials like ceramic or metallic. The options don’t end at the types of materials being used. There is a large variety of options available based on sizes. You can find anywhere from stock sizes, to large diameter kits. Large diameter kits are also known as “Big Brake Kits”, which provide even more stopping power. When installing a big brake kit (BBK), you may require some modification to your wheels & tires. If your looking for a more serious kit several options are available which include brake calipers and braided stainless steel brake lines.

With many options available for high performance brake kits, it can become very confusing or overwhelming. If you have any questions about what kit may be right for you and your intended use, reach out to one of our experienced representatives and we will help you make a more informative decision.

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Stoptech 83.160.0047.R4

Stoptech 83.160.0047.R4 Trophy Sport Big Brake Kit Pad Shape D609
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