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2015 BMW 335i LUXURY


Performance Oil Coolers

Performance Engines produce more heat than OE engines. This means all of its components, and even the oil will be running hotter. The hotter your oil becomes, the thinner it becomes. As it gets thinner it will start to loose its ability to prevent metal-to-metal contact. You can guess what will happen next after continuous damage from this occurring, your pressure will drop and your hard work into your engine will be next to fail. Not only does oil keep your engine lubricated, it also helps cool your system. If the oil is consistently to hot, its not serving its purpose in any way. By adding a Performance Oil Cooler you can help avoid all of these issues. Types of Performance Oil Coolers will include plate and fin coolers, stacked coolers, and tube and fin coolers. Stacked coolers are the largest of the 3 types, having larger plates to help rid of the heat. Tube and Pin coolers contain serpentine tubes, which the oil flows through, and the fins will transfer the heat back into the air. Plate and fin coolers are formed much like a radiator, with oil flowing through the plates, which are attached to fins. Depending on your intended use of your 2015 BMW [MODLE], the type of oil cooling you need may vary. Sport Compact Warehouse is your premier source for Performance Oil Cooling. Reach out to a representative today and we will help you make a more informative decision.

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MISHIMOTO MMOC-19G Universal 19 Row Oil Cooler
for your 2015 BMW 335i LUXURY

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EngineFit NotesFitment Notes
2015 BMW 335i LUXURY equipped with
3.0L l6 Gas DOHC Turbo
Sedan 4-Door
2015 BMW 335i LUXURY equipped with
3.0L l6 Gas DOHC Turbo Sedan 4-Door
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