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2009 Mercury Sable BASE

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High Performance Radiator Fans

The more power you push with your 2009 Mercury Sable, the more the engine needs to be cooled. An aftermarket, high performance cooling fan will provide the airflow needed for optimal heat transfer. At Sport Compact Warehouse we have a large selection of electric fans, higher CFM units, low profile units, and dual electric fans. We carry a large range of sizes and CFM ratings. If you have any questions regarding high performance radiator fans reach out to one of our experienced representatives and we will help you make a more informative decision.

Our direct fit performance radiators will substantially improve cooling, and come with OE size inlets and outlets in the original factory locations, and mounting brackets that provide a hassle-free installation. When even greater cooling capability is needed, direct fit radiators with larger cores are available for some applications, but may require slight modifications for mounting. Our universal radiators are ideal for street rods, custom cars, and race cars, and we offer radiators designed specifically for drag racing and circle track. Many of our radiators are available as combos that include one or two electric cooling fans and all the necessary mounting hardware.

A component as large as a radiator that occupies such a prominent location in the engine bay has to look right on your hot rod, and our performance radiators fit the bill, but if you’re looking for the ultimate finishing touch for under the hood, consider our mirror polished radiators that include a polished recovery tank and radiator cap. In addition to our performance radiators, we also offer many related products including custom fan shrouds for single and dual fans and diversion plates for select applications, to ensure air is properly channeled through the radiator for maximum cooling, and radiator caps, available in custom finishes or with integral temperature gauges.

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